If you are keen on reducing weight to have a shape and trim look then read this article to know some interesting facts. Sometimes you have to be counting on calories of food before eating, this becomes frustrating over a period of time. Following a balanced diet can actually give a solution for fluctuation in your weight. Check with some foods that cause weight gain.

Peanut Butter – We often fall for a creamy and crunchy taste that is very well compensated by peanut butter. A scoop of peanut butter increases your calories. It contains sodium and saturated fats. It makes your work easier by simply smearing the cream on bread or chapati to make your stomach full. It curbs your appetite at the same time increases the fat content.

Fruit Juice – Fruit juice has sugar content in it. While making juice it keeps away the fiber content present in the fruit. When made as juice, it can instantly boost your energy but fails to deliver complete nutrients. Instead of juice, eat it just as a fruit to imbibe complete nutrients.

Potatoes – Potatoes are high in carbs and other nutrients. It is a staple and favorite vegetable for many. Our body requires all nutrients but too much of anything is poison. Potatoes, when eaten regularly, can increase your weight, being rich in fat can increase blood sugar levels.

Artificial Sweeteners – For those who cannot get rid of sugar go for alternative food. On a fulfilling note, artificial sweeteners emerged to replace the sweetness. It played an alternative for sugar but brought in a lot of side effects. It is better to follow the natural way for the benefit of our health.

Flavored Yogurts – Yogurt contains calcium, protein, and probiotics. It aids in proper digestion and improves gut bacteria. Get natural yogurt from the store with no artificial flavor added. The flavored yogurts come with added sugar that leads to weight gain. Plain Greek yogurt has a natural flavor that adds enough nutrition.

Avocados – Without a doubt avocado is loaded with a lot of nutrients in it. Eating in moderation can keep weight under control. It improves the good cholesterol level. The fruit contains healthy fat and sometimes used as medicine. The fruit can be consumed with no fear, as it is high in fiber.

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