Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is essential in this fast-growing modern world. For this, people would search for every opportunity to lead a healthy lifestyle. To experience a healthy lifestyle, you have to stay hydrated, maintain a balanced diet, practice physical activities along with perseverance, and a good sense of humor are indispensable. When you have a healthy diet, it would improve your body and prevent your body from many diseases. After all, diet is what makes you 80% healthy. So, here are some essential fruits which would be healthy for your body entirely by acting as a medicine.

PAPAYA: Popularly known for its rich nutrients, papaya is known for helping with intestinal function. With its high amount of vitamin A content, the fruit is useful for eye health as well. Additionally, the presence of fiber would make papaya reduce bad cholesterol through feces. The B-complex vitamins such as B1 and B2 help combat fungi as well as avert seborrhea and eczema.

LEMON: Being rich in vitamin C, lemon helps in regulating the inflammations in the body. Naturally, Lemon juice is a diuretic that helps in detoxifying the body and promoting the pH of the blood, thereby making it alkaline.

APPLE: How could you forget apple? Apples are going to be the first fruit which is preferred by everyone for developing a healthy body. It is loaded with flavonoids that help take care of respiratory issues. Meanwhile, the presence of quercetin and B-complex vitamins are known to be great for the brain and thus prevent Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Also, a glass of apple juice could lower the high cholesterol levels and avert the risk of type 2 diabetes mostly due to its anthocyanin.

GRAPES: The bunch and bunches of sweet joy come in the form of grapefruit. With the presence of zinc, grapes are known to avert cancer and useful in supporting brain health too. With its rich magnesium, grapefruit has the power to prevent headaches and migraines as well as aids in poor digestion. It would also safeguard the cornea with the help of vitamin C. The iron and phosphorus of this delightful fruit would be assisting in promoting the heart’s health.

GUAVA: Both the red and the white types of fruit would provide effective benefits for health. They are one of the most nutritionally balanced fruits which help in improving the immune system with the help of vitamin C. Not only this, but it would also avert cold, flu, and infections. It works great for people with hypertension as it is a rich source of potassium. Therefore, the fruit helps maintain blood pressure and lower the chance of strokes and heart attacks.

TANGERINE: Originated in Asia, the fruit is orange in color and sweet in taste. The fiber of the fruit would be highly beneficial for the intestinal tract and also provides a satiating sense. Packed with magnesium, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus, the pulpy fruit helps develop the heart’s health and transmission of nerve impulses as well.