Your body’s immunity is highly essential for it to be free from infections and diseases. Whenever there is an entry of infections, your immune system would be ready to fight back and put it down. You should have to know the parts of the body which come under the immune system. The parts such as white blood cells, the lymphatic system, bone marrow, antibodies, the thymus, and the spleen would play an amazing role in fighting against infections and avert from illnesses. When you are prone to infections easily, it says your immune system is poor and needs attention. So, if you are worried about your immunity power, then you should listen to your body as it would show various signs that it needs support from you.

EXPERIENCING COLD HANDS OFTEN: Cold hands, otherwise known as Raynaud’s phenomenon are caused by inflamed blood vessels. If you are already experiencing such a condition, then you could not find it easy to feel the warmth. If this condition continues, then your skin would be discolored at particular parts of the body. This health illness would be caused due to excessive smoking, arterial issues, drug interactions and it could also be due to a poor immune system.

CAUSES DRY EYES: Have you heard about autoimmune disorders? If not, know about it. Autoimmune disorders are nothing but cause your immune system to attack your own body instead of protecting it. Such autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis or lupus would affect your eyes through dryness, pain, redness, or blurry. These states show that you have to improve your immune system.

FREQUENT DIGESTIVE ISSUE: Health issues including bloating, constipation, or gas regardless of the food intake would be the result of the poor immune system. Meanwhile, chronic digestive conditions and a bad immune system would go hand-in-hand. However, If you find yourself with diarrhea symptoms that prolonger for about 2 to 4 weeks, then your immune system would be providing a signal for you through your digestive tract. And even studies have exhibited that there is a connection between your immune health and your gut. You gotta remember that majority of the immune system is biologically located within your digestive tract. So, charge up your immune power.

PRONE TO INFECTIONS: The best way to know about your body’s immunity is through frequent illnesses. When an individual has low immune power, he or she would fall ill often. They would be more prone to infections than other people and even the illnesses might be serious and severe as well. So, if you diagnosed yourself with bronchitis, skin conditions, pneumonia, inflammations, anemia, or other autoimmune disorders, then you gotta show some love for your immune system.

SKIN ISSUES: Major part of your body is naturally wrapped with skin which is the very first defensive thing that protects your body from germs and infections. But then, the appearance of rashes or reddened skin is a clue for your poor immune system which is craving for your love.

CONSTANT FATIGUE: Feeling exhausted or fatigued is the major sign of a dreadful immune system. Even though there are several reasons for constant fatigue, bad immune health could be one of the reasons for this tired feeling. When you feel excessively fatigued, it would also create symptoms like reduced appetite, aching joints, low energy, or frequent stomach aches. So, you have to provide enough support and attention to your immune health.