The menstrual cycle occurs every month in the life cycle of every woman on the earth. When it comes to periods, it would gift you menstrual cramps which no woman wishes for. While most of the women suffer from menstrual pain, some of them would be relaxed and chilling at the time of their periods without enduring cramps at all. So, the effects of periods would be varied according to the body of each woman. Meanwhile, you have certain foods to eat and avoid during the time of your periods. Similarly, you could consume certain liquids during the time of periods to ease your menstrual cramps.

DRINK ENOUGH WATER: It is highly essential to stay hydrated normally but also it is important at the time of your killing period cramps. The main reason is that water helps to prevent bloating which also offers pain and uneasiness. So, it is suggested to drink water to avoid period cramps and bloating. It is better to consume warm water than refrigerated water and thus you could be infused with the several benefits as well as it detoxifies your body entirely.

HAVE GREEN SMOOTHIES: Go for smoothies which are made up of green leafy vegetables! Green is a sign of adding natural healthiness to your body and so it is better to add enough veggies to your diet. Meanwhile, women suffer from fatigue and low energy during menstruation and these, in turn, could reduce the level of iron in the body as well. So, it is important to intake vitamins and mineral-rich foods to ease the cramps. Try Kiwi, ginger smoothie, almond milk, and spinach which are rich in magnesium and iron. Refresh yourself with the glass of green veggie smoothies or fruits as well!

CUP OF GINGER TEA: Naturally ginger helps treat various health issues. It is famously known for treating even irregular periods and also helps in flushing out the toxins from the body. Due to the presence of anti-inflammatory properties, gingers help alleviate the periods cramp associated with nausea, sickness, and stomach upset. Believe it or not, ginger could do magic at the time of your period and eases your cramps. A cup of ginger tea is all you wanted by your bed or you could add grated ginger into the soups or smoothies you are preparing to consume.

MAGIC OF CHAMOMILE TEA: Could not believe it? Yes! Chamomile tea is now proved to help comfort the cramps according to research. It is due to the presence of compounds such as hippurate and glycine, chamomile helps alleviate the muscle spasms and also actively relaxes the uterus as well. It also has anti-inflammatory property which might help soothe the cramp.

SOOTHING PEPPERMINT TEA: Here is yet another one which rescues you from period cramps! It is said that peppermint oil helps relax the stomach muscles and also lowers the duration and severity of period cramps according to the study. And it is due to the incorporation of anti-spasmodic properties in it which actively works in comforting you from relieving the cramps. So, you could even try preparing tea from peppermint leaves where the menthol could be present and thus helpful in providing a refreshing flavor to the tea.