“Oh, Stop weeping, It does not going to help you anyway” or “do not waste your tears”, these are what we hear frequently when someone cries or we, ourselves start shedding the tears. But what about the natural glow we get once we have done with our tears rolling down the situation? Ever thought about it? Well, crying is not a symbol of weakness instead it infuses an individual with courage and confidence. Moreover, crying is not associated with females but also with males as men do have this downhearted experience that they have to let out. When we cry in front of someone close to us, it would only bring us close. Believe it or not, crying is one of the best revelations when it comes to eliminating depression or easing the stress holding within us. So, let’s check out the amusing benefits of crying you might not know.

EASES THE STRESS: Holding your emotions and stresses within yourself would only make it further worse. So, when you let it out in the form of tears, it would only make you feel better and relaxed by all means. According to the research, crying out in emotional stress would be one of the perfect ways to eliminate adrenocorticotropic hormone, a stress-related chemical. So, crying would lower the stress you hold within.

MOISTURIZES THE EYES: As mentioned earlier, tears would wipe away all the dirt and grime around your eyes and face too. It would lubricate the eyelids and the eyeballs thereby averting dehydration of the mucous membranes of lubrication. When there is a lack of lubrication and your eyes are dry, then it would directly affect your eyesight.  So, when you cry out, your eyes are going to thank you later.

CONNECTS PEOPLE: While it is the toughest thing to express your innate feelings and emotions to someone close, it would be the best thing you could do to bring you closer than before. It would connect and make your relationship intense. For instance, if you are crying to your best friend over a phone call or in-person, it would only help you and the person would be there for you to pat your shoulder and encourage you to go through the toughest times of life.

RELEASES ENDORPHINS: The feel-happy hormones such as endorphins would be at their peak when you have the perfect workout of crying. When you are done with the superb-crying session, it would experience a surge of endorphins. This is why tears are supposed to be the natural painkiller which means it eases the tension headaches and stiff shoulders as well. You would also rush into the room when you are yelled at by your mother or father and you would have slept unknowingly. Remember this scene?

ELIMINATES TOXINS: Tears rolling down from your eyes due to emotional distress might get rid of the toxins present in the body. These are an accumulation of toxins which is actually stored inside your body due to stress and depression but they would be wiped away when you broke down in tears as per the researches.

BUILDS POSITIVITY: The small bitterness or hurt you are holding within but not allowing it to gush out would end up in building negativity and toxicity. It would only reduce courage and confidence. But when you let it out through tears, it would destroy the negativity which would ruin the health of the heart and brain. So, cry when you feel like it and do not hold your emotion from letting out. The outpour of emotional distress would make you positive and rejuvenated.

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