Living organisms on this earth includes plants that serve mankind very effectively. We are dependent on them solely in every aspect of our life. Plants also need equal care and maintenance to keep them healthy. They generally require minerals, sunlight, and water to help them grow well. But some plants can grow without enough sunlight, can be considered as household plants. Also, few plants do not require soil for their growth but depend on water. Read this article and get to know some plants that capture carbon dioxide and only water.

Spider Plant – The most useful plant to helps you to inhale fresh air. It can decorate your garden or your living space with its attractive look. The plant does not require excess sunlight should be watered frequently to remain fresh. Make sure the roots are immersed in water. It can survive in both water and soil.

Croton – Crotons are the most affordable and easily maintainable plant found in many houses. The plant comes with attractive colors and the lifetime of the plant is so long. It is usually placed near windows and doors for sufficient sunlight. It removes harmful gases and seeds of the plant can keep away constipation problems.

Paperwhite – They need bright sunlight for their growth and the most preferable water plant. They are best in eliminating lung diseases and heart problems with their effective filtering process. It acts as a natural room freshener as it gives a special fragrance and makes your breathing easier.

Lucky Bamboo – Lucky bamboo is a miniature version of the bamboo plant that brings good luck. It grows at a temperature of 20 to 300C and requires frequent watering. The plant does not require soil but needs to change the water at regular intervals. The dead leaves have to be plucked leaving way for new leaves to grow.

Pothos/Money Plant – The plant can grow well in sand and water. It can filter harmful toxins and gives out pure oxygen. The plant can thrive even without water. Money plant is easy to maintain and gives out fresh oxygen. It removes chemical substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, etc

Wandering Jew – Wandering Jew is usually displayed in a hanging container. The indoor plant requires less sunlight and found in a moist environment. It’s very easy to grow by planting a branch of this plant in water or soil. It also filters harmful toxins like other mentioned plants and prevents health hazards. The medicinal value of this plant can cure kidney-related problems.