Eyes are the windows of our soul and it is the medium through which two souls interpret. People very well know that eyes are essential ones in their lives. It helps humans to see the most pleasant things in the world and one of the most powerful organs of the human body. However, several people are wearing spectacles to see the world better. Here is where the eyes are associated with several myths that are mistakenly known to be facts in the real world. So, we might have heard some of the myths from others and we do even believe it in our life. Let’s figure out the myths that you gotta stop believe right away.

DO NOT READ IN THE DARK AS IT IS WORST FOR EYES: Probably every mom would have insisted to switch on the light while we are reading in the dark or low light. This is because it could lead to eye fatigue and headache as well. But there is no possible way for permanent eye damages.

ENHANCE YOUR EYESIGHT WITH CARROT: Have a fresh bite of carrot every day is a famous saying which every one of us believes until now. But it is merely a myth and not the fact. Yes, carrots are a great source of Vitamin A which is good to be added in your healthy diet. But by eating carrots would not solely improve your eyesight.

DO NOT WEAR GLASSES ALL THE TIME AS IT WOULD DAMAGE YOUR EYES: And those people who wear glasses would have heard this often. Howbeit, wearing glasses would never worsen your eyesight. It could only spoil our vision when you forget to wear it and that’s where you miss your glasses.

WATCHING TV TOO CLOSE WOULD AFFECT YOUR EYES: Here comes mom again with the popular saying! Most of the kids would sit too close to the television to watch their favorite program and to get engrossed in it but not to have a better sight of it. So, it has nothing to hurt the eyes of the kid.

DO NOT USE COMPUTER A LOT WHICH MIGHT WEAKEN YOUR EYES: This is yet another popular saying which you might come across in your day-to-day life. Like TV, using a computer for a longer time period would definitely lead to eye fatigue but would never create shortsightedness, longsightedness, or astigmatism. Thus, it is merely a saying and not a true fact.

EYE CHECK-UPS ARE ONLY FOR PEOPLE WITH EYE-DAMAGES: This is not even true and it is one wrong thing that people are following. Almost every one of us should examine our eyes annually as there are several eye-related issues such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes, and hypertension. Only a regular eye-checkup could help you to find the variation in your retinal power and other mentioned issues.