Every organ in your body performs certain functions to fulfill daily needs. Consumption of food and excretion of waste from your body becomes a routine. Your body has to let the toxins or undigested food in the form of stools and urine. When your bladder is full you want to urinate to free your bladder. Your brain prepares or alerts you to pass urine. You may be stuck in a situation where you have to hold urine. Controlling urine in the middle of the night or avoiding public toilets due to hygiene can lead to many health hazards. Read this article to get to know some health hazards for holding urine for long.

Weakens the bladder – The repercussion of holding urine in for long periods of time can stretch your bladder. This is something serious as it obstructs the regular function of contraction and expansion during the urination process. When your bladder expands then you need a catheter to pass urine

Urinary infections – When you withhold urine for a long time it increases urinary tract infection. The accumulation of bacteria occurs when you control urine. As the bacteria grows it leads to infection in the urinary tract. This is a recurring process giving unbearable pain.

Muscle Pain – When you control urine for so long it causes abdominal pain. This leads to discomfort and makes your muscles lose their strength. As your muscles work continuously causing abnormal behavior of your bladder.

Bladder loses Control – Drinking enough water is important at the same time frequent urination should happen normally. Trying to control urine can sometimes burst your bladder leading to major surgery. The urine gets filled up in the abdomen when your bladder loses control. So take necessary steps to get rid of such problems in the future and find a healthy way of living.

Impair pelvic muscles – Holding urine can lead to incontinence problems. It can weaken pelvic muscles and cause urine leakage. The problem can embarrass you as its leaks while coughing or sneezing. It makes you feel frustrated most of the time as it creates the urge to visit the toilet frequently.

Kidney stones – Kidney stones are formed due to the deposit of minerals and chemicals. If the stones deposits are small they can be removed naturally otherwise it leads to surgery as it is a very painful condition. Controlling urine is considered to be one of the causes of this problem.

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