Smartphones become an indispensable thing in our everyday life as it stores much information that helps you in need. When you are using smartphones for a longer time, you would eventually feel the soreness and cramping in the fingers, wrist, and forearm. Initially, you might not realize the cramps are the result of too much use of smartphones but then you would come to know it through doctors or by yourself. Often, repetitive hand motions would cause pain or cramp in the wrist and forearm as they are linked. Even when you constantly hold it in your hand, it would hurt your elbows. It would not only stop hear but over-using of phones would even cause serious issues like carpal tunnel syndrome (wrist) or cubital tunnel syndrome (elbow) which are believed to be the result of too much use of smartphones. However, your body would definitely signal you that it needs a break from what it is doing. So, here is where you have to pay attention to it and act accordingly. Let’s check out some essential ways to prevent smartphone hand pain.

TRY APPLYING HEAT OR COLD TO THE AFFECTED AREA: This could be simply done at your home using a hot towel or a hot pad. If you are experiencing pain or long-term cramps, you could use this technique which helps you relax the muscles, thereby letting you for better stretching. But if your pain is acute, it is advisable to apply cold to the affected area as heat could lead to swelling and even more pain.

LIMIT THE USE: If you are using your phones for messaging, you could limit it by short messages. And if you are wanna sent a long message, you could use voice texting for your message. However, you could choose an older version of a phone call to deliver your message which is an easy-peasy thing.

PROVIDE SOME REST TO YOUR THUMB: As you know, your thumb has been doing several works. It could lead to thumb arthritis, tendinitis, and contractures eventually and so you have to adapt a way to prevent these conditions. In order to avert “texting thumb”, you should find an alternative way. It could be a stylus pen which could be helpful for your wrist straight and pain-free.

GIVE SOME LOVE FOR YOUR HANDS: Massaging your hands would be amazing for you and make you feel relieved. It could help you break up the muscles and relax the muscle spasms as well.

BREAK UP THE TIME: You have to take a break from using your phone even before your hand begins to hurt or if you feel little soreness. Also, if you wish to play games or texting, you should divide it into shorter sessions so that you could prevent hurting your hands. Additionally, you could even use the swipe option to allow you to slide the letters than typing it which could also help you lower the occurrence of cramps.

GET INTO THE HABIT OF “SMARTPHONE STRETCHES”: Since taking a break from using your mobile phones is often stressed, you have to realize how important it is to take the necessary rest from using smartphones. So, if you are taking these breaks, you have to ensure to flex your wrist, hand tendons, and muscles forward then backward to make them flexible enough.