While eating fruits are highly beneficial for your body’s health, drinking water immediately after tossing slices of fruits into your mouth is not advisable.

If you drink water right after the consumption of fruits, it would not only block the digestion process but also create complications in your health. If you wish to know what happens to your body if you drink water immediately after eating fruits, then read below and ensure to avoid it.

LEADS TO INDIGESTION: When you drink water after eating fruits, it could slow down the process of digestion or indigestion which in turn would lead to acidity. Moreover, it would also delay the overall absorption of necessary nutrients from the fruits which thus makes it uneasy for you. So, you could have water at least an hour after you consumed fruits.

CAUSES ACIDITY: The intake of water immediately after the consumption of any kind of fruit would disturb the healthy functioning of digestive juices and enzymes. This improper functioning of the digestive system could result in severe acidity.

ENDS IN STOMACH CRAMPS AND FLATULENCE: As fruits incorporate a higher amount of fructose and yeast, consuming water after eating fruits would lead to the dilution of stomach acids. This would thus result in the formation of gas in the stomach as it develops an environment for yeast to flourish. Later, it would increase the intensity of the stomach cramps and flatulence as well.

INCREASES THE BLOOD SUGAR LEVEL: Aforementioned, drinking water right after the consumption of fruits could interrupt the digestion process and delays the proper functioning of the system. The undigested foods would be transformed into fat thereby causing high insulin levels. This means that it would lead to higher blood sugar levels in the body. So, you have a higher chance of getting diabetes and obesity later.

DILUTION OF GASTRIC JUICES: Consuming water right after having fruits would dilute the gastric juice as well as the digestive enzymes which are essential for healthy digestion. Therefore, dilution of gastric juice would pave the way to the lesser secretion of digestive enzymes which in turn creates an uncomfortable feel by causing heartburn and acidity.

DISTURBS THE PH LEVEL: When you drink water right after consuming fruits particularly high water content fruits such as watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber, orange, and strawberry would disturb the pH level of the digestive system. This happens because of the high water content of fruits which could trouble the pH levels thereby making your stomach less acidic. This is actually would provide no good to stomach health.

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