Some foods can serve their complete nutrients when eaten raw but certain foods by cooking can benefit your health. It is better to get an insight into the type of food that can fulfill you with a variety of health benefits. Here are some foods that can be eaten raw and attain numerous nutrients.

Garlic – Garlic is similar to onion has antiplatelet agents to deal with cardiovascular disease. Garlic, when crushed or boiled, loses its antibacterial property to fight against cancer cells. Consume raw garlic to retain its complete nutrients.

Onions – The flavonoid in the vegetable can fight against cancer cells when eaten raw. Onions contain antiplatelet agents that can minimize cancer-fighting agents. When the vegetable is cooked the phytochemicals are reduced to fight against cancerous cells. Eat onion as such to keep away from cardiovascular problems.

Pineapple – Another fruit with an excellent anti-inflammatory property and a lot of health benefits is the pineapple. It can reduce the abnormal growth of tissue around the colon and swelling. The fruit possesses natural healing properties for any bruises.

Blueberries – Blueberries are rich in antioxidants with its high amount of polyphenols. The fruit transfers its nutrients completely when eaten raw. When used for cooking, baking purposes the fruit loses its polyphenols thereby serving half of its nutrients.

Red bell peppers – Red bell peppers/Red Capsicum is a mixture of little spicy juicy taste when eaten raw. It can deliver its complete Vitamin C to battle the toxins without being cooked.

BeetRoot – The raw vegetable can be added to salads or consumed as juice. It can supply vitamin C, fiber, manganese, and folate completely to your body. When cooked the vegetable loses one-fourth of its power.