Applying oil near the belly button is one of the oldest traditional treating methods which could calm your stomach ache. It would also highly effective in soothing the pain which is continued to be the best natural remedy followed for years.

However, there are several other benefits for your body while you apply oil near the belly button. So, check out the following health benefits of applying oil near the belly button.

TREATS AN UPSET STOMACH: When you apply oil near the belly button, it would help ease and treat stomach-related issues such as indigestion, diarrhea, and food poisoning including stomach aches, bloating, and nausea. You could start to apply essential oils such as peppermint and ginger along with a carrier oil would do magic in clearing the bloating and constipation.

REMOVES DIRT: If you wish to clean the parts of the body, you could go for the belly button trick. Since the navel plays a vital role in the body, it could proffer you wonderful benefits which you might have forgot. So, you gotta clean the navel regularly with essential oils like grape seed oil, sunflower oil, and jojoba oil. To get the most out of it, you could simply soak a cotton ball in the oil and dab it around the navel.

ENHANCES FERTILITY: The navel or belly button is biologically connected to a mother and a child. So, it is one of the important parts, which has been associated with fertility. Especially, coconut oil is an amazing natural remedy that could be known for improving fertility as well. In order to improve the health of the uterus and eggs, you have to massage organic olive oil over the belly. You could also go for alternative choices like juniper, clary sage, damiana and guava leaf, etc.

RELIEVES INFECTION: When your belly button is not nice and dry, then it would be the place for bacteria and fungi to breed and multiply. It would also spread the infections to the other different parts of the body. Try using tea tree oil infused with antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of mustard oil with antibacterial properties of coconut oil which would destroy the infections. So, start applying oil into your belly button twice each day to fight infections.

REDUCES THE MENSTRUAL CRAMPS: Well, those days of the month are of course terrible for women. It would induce them with pain or cramps and if you are diagnosed with endometriosis, then you gotta face the worst. Worry not, go for a massage near the belly button. Heat some castor oil and put it into the navel which would reduce the period cramps or pains as well as eliminates the symptoms of endometriosis. Other alternatives such as a warm raspberry leaf, nettle, and licorice tea bag which would help during those days.

LOWERS JOINT PAINS AND ACHES: Applying oil on the joints and legs would ease the symptoms of arthritis or osteoporosis which is the oldest form of remedy. Howbeit, applying the castor oil or ginger oil near the belly button would impact the joints by lubrication which in turn gets rid of stiffness.

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