We are now living in a fast-moving world. Everything comes in hand so easily. Everyone wants to have simplified life and need a quick solution to any problem. We should find a way to solve our problem so easily in a smart way. Here are some unimaginable life hack tricks that make your living so simpler.

Avoid bad odour – The bad odour can come from sweat or poor hygiene. Sweat occurs when our body tends to do some actions in a vigorous way or due to atmospheric heat. It smells bad as the waste that is coming out of our body. We have perfume, scents to vanquish the bad odour. The shoes we wear also smells bad. Here is a way to diminish bad smell, a tea bag can absorb the bad smell. For wet shoes, fill it with rice and baking soda.let is be for a few days. Try this and see the change

Loosen tight shoes – There is a way to loosen the tight shoes. Take a newspaper, make it wet and stuff it inside the shoe as tightly as possible. Leave the shoes to dry and then remove the newspaper

Vinegar cleans the showerhead – Usually, the taps get corroded due to salt content in water. There are toilet cleaners available to get a sparkling tap and floor. To clean the shower head there is the easiest way to do. Just fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and tie it around the showerhead with a rubber band. This clears the rust formed when kept overnight.

Prevent buttons from falling – We face this problem with our dress especially shirts. After a repeated wash, the thread in the buttons gets loosened. Finding a tailor or stitching with a spare button are the ways to do. There is an unimaginable trick that keeps your button stiff to your dress, apply nail polish to the thread. This prevents the button from falling off.

Fruit removes Body odour – Some people never use perfume spray or deodorant. The reason may be due to allergy or to avoid chemicals. In this case, to go naturally there is a way, use lemon or orange fruit, cut into halves and apply on the skin. The body odour vanishes.

Avoid Bad Breathe – Bad breathe is due to the germs inside the mouth. This can occur due to any food particle stuck in the teeth, improper rinsing of mouth or not brushed properly. There is a simple way to handle this, bite an apple and chew it. This can avoid bad breath. The juicy substance in the apple can wash away the germs and whitens the teeth.

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