• Beat the stress by adding certain foods to your diet!
  • Deal with the stress of quarantine by consuming it!
  • Foods that provide strength as well as alleviate stress!

To curb the spread of coronavirus, the government has asked people to stay indoors and imposed lockdown. We are into a new lifestyle where you gotta work from home and this might lead to snack more than usual. As we more information about the deadly virus, it might be natural to have a range of emotions like panic and fear. So, it might even lead to stress and spoils our mental health and physical health as well. When it comes to stress and anxiety, we would go for meditation as the ultimate solution. Yes! But did you know several food intakes could help you to relieve your stress and provide better health? As we could not go out to relax or meet friends during the lockdown, we should find better ways to stay stress-free. So, here are a few stress-busting foods to consume during the lockdown.

WHOLE GRAINS: Whole grains would provide you the carbohydrates for the day. Actually, carbs would be helpful in the serotonin levels – a chemical which would help you to feel better. So, add healthy unrefined carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes to your diet. Unrefined carbohydrates would increase the blood sugar levels but complex carbs would provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

SOOTHING WARM MILK: Well, a glass of warm milk before your bedtime would do all the magic for your mind as it has a relaxing effect. It provides the calcium for your bone health and helps in reducing depression thereby relaxing your muscles.

HERBAL TEA: At times, it is nothing but the feelings induced by the foods which could help you during a stressful period. Herbal teas have the power to make you feel calmer and provide a soothing effect as well. If you wish, you could add herbs such as lavender and chamomile to the flavor.

FIBER INFUSED FOODS: Naturally, fiber-rich foods are essential for your gut health and helps to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation. So, make sure to add beans, green peas, berries, almonds, flaxseeds, sesame, and green vegetables for your daily intake of fiber. Also, they are helpful in balancing blood sugar and avert the increase in insulin levels.

NUTS: Nuts are a mandatory thing in our daily life. The daily intake of nuts would proffer endless benefits naturally. Being rich in vitamin B fatty acids, nuts such as almonds, pistachios, and walnuts are helpful in fighting the stress during the lockdown. They are also known to reduce blood pressure and are a greater source of magnesium. Make sure you are eating only a handful daily.