Like any other organ, the kidney plays an important role in the proper functioning of your body. It flushes out the harmful toxins and impurities from your body. The kidney acts as a detoxifier, it separates impurities from the blood and expels out as urine. Kidney stones can occur due to excess sodium intake, lack of water, or any urinary tract infections. The toxins that are not excreted remains as stones in kidneys. This creates unbearable pain in the abdomen, vomiting sensation, and blood in the urine. In this article, there are some home remedies available for kidney stone problem that can be rectified naturally.

Basil – Basil leaves can be added to any dish to raise its flavor. It contains a lot of health benefits especially kidneys, skin, and throat. The detoxifying effect of basil leaves helps in removing the toxins through the urinary tract. The leave easily lowers the level of uric acid responsible for kidney stone formation.

Lemon and olive oil – Lemon contains citric acid that can very well aid in preventing stone development. It can be consumed every day to stop stone formation as well as keeps your body healthy. Olive oil can be incorporated into your food to ensure that your kidney is safe from stones.

Pomegranate juice – Pomegranate seeds are loaded with potassium that aids in removing kidney stones. The fruit can effectively bring down the acidic levels that ease the removal of toxins through urine. The juice also has the ability to prevent the formation of crystals responsible for stone development.

Dates – Dates are loaded with fiber and iron that contributes to cleaning your kidney. It also prevents the risk of stone formation that is made possible with its fiber content. Dates with magnesium present in it can be eaten regularly at night to improve kidney function.

Watermelon – Potassium content in watermelon helps in managing the stability of the acidic levels of urine. Watermelon is a seasonal fruit, so make the best use of drinking watermelon juice to remove small stone formation in the kidney. The watery substance in the fruit can improve proper urination.

Kidney beans – It resembles the shape of a kidney, implies the vegetable does an effective job in removing kidney stones. The nutrients in kidney beans clean the kidney with the presence of  Vitamin B, fiber, and other minerals. It can also correct the function of the urinary tract and makes it normal.