Personal hygiene plays an important role that includes vaginal hygiene too. Especially for women, extra care should be given to genital areas. Your vagina may get infected due to bacteria or sweat that develops itchiness, irritation, etc. The cause for these infections can be due to bacteria, long usage of sanitary pads, dryness, and sexually transmitted diseases. It is necessary to keep your vagina healthy and clean to avoid serious infections. There are some home remedies for vaginal hygiene, read this article to know more

Use Baking soda for a bath – Baking soda has the power to prevent yeast infections and any type of skin infections. The antifungal properties of baking soda can easily wash away infections in your vaginal area. Baking soda can be added to water for a bath to treat any type of skin disease.

Coconut oil – Coconut oil can be used for skin, and hair. It contains anti-inflammatory property that helps to maintain vaginal hygiene. The oil protects your skin from infections, it kills the bacteria so easily with its powerful anti-bacterial property. It can moisturize your skin and prevents yeast infection.

Do Yoga Regularly – Doing yoga can strengthen your vaginal muscles and improves the flow of blood. The specific asanas in yoga can make your vaginal tissue and pelvic muscles healthy. Yoga is the best to eradicate the urological problem. This enhances the contraction and expansion of pelvic muscles. Try yoga specifically to improve the health of the vagina.

Wear dry cotton underwear – Wear clothes that suit your skin type. Prefer soft and clean cloth for underwear. The synthetic cloth makes your skin allergy and triggers various skin infections. A clear and dry cloth can prevent skin diseases. Cotton cloth is best for underwear as makes you feel comfortable and prevents irritation.

Menstrual Hygiene is necessary – It is necessary to maintain menstrual hygiene. Changing pads should be done as and when required without a delay. To the maximum of 6-8 hours a pad can be used otherwise, it develops bacterial overgrowth causing irritation, rashes, and various skin infections.

Prefer probiotic food – Probiotic foods improve the count of good bacteria to fight against infections. Include pickles and yogurt to make the gut stronger. Consuming probiotic food on a regular basis can prevent infections in the vaginal area.

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