While people have been talking about several things, the “underwear” topic would not often pop up often or say, only on rare occasions.

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Giving importance to your health is essential and the current pandemic situation has been a perfect example. When it comes to health, all the body parts are included and so you just could not neglect the “underwear” topic being popped up. This is because of the blunder underwear mistakes might lead to hurt your health unexpectedly. Since men and women are commonly facing several health issues tied with blunder underwear mistakes, it must be discussed. So, here are a few blunder underwear mistakes that negatively impact your health. Read on. . .

WEARING THE SAME AGAIN: If you use the same underwear again and again without even washing it or for a longer time, then you are definitely going to be a victim of infection. This is because of the risk of bacterial and fungal infection caused due to the long-time use of unwashed lingerie or underwear.

WEARING SWEATY UNDERWEAR: Like wearing the same underwear several times, wearing sweaty underwear is one of the blunder mistakes that people would do. While your genital parts are sweaty, they would end up in a moist and warm environment. It would lead to yeast and fungal infections eventually. This would definitely make you feel itchy and discomfort when you are out in public. So, make sure to change the sweaty underwear post-gym and avoid the possible health risks.

WEARING TIGHT FIT UNDERWEAR: Yet another common mistake is wearing tight-fit underwear which would make your skin to be highly irritated and turn it out to be reddened. Furthermore, it would interrupt the blood circulation and pinched nerves as well. So, it would be better to wear normal fit underwear to avoid such unwanted skin issues.

WEARING FANCY FABRICS: Fancy fabrics such as satin, lace, and spandex would make it for your vaginal health as they would arrest the moisture there. This condition would cause infection and so choose fabrics that would be skin-friendly as it would make your skin breathe better.

WASHING WITH SCENTED DETERGENTS: Washing the underwear with scented detergents would affect your health because these types of detergents would be infused with harsh chemicals. This would in turn affect your skin eventually. It would also lead to vaginal irritation, infection, and redness.

WEARING THONGS: Choosing thongs would be helpful as they are stretchable and movable too. But it would give the chance to cross-contamination and it would be easy for the bacteria to move. It would thus result in bladder and urinary infections. So, choose wisely and let your skin breathe.

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