Capsicum or Green Bell pepper is a medium-sized vegetable. It resembles a bell shape with a glossy outer cover. It gives different flavors to our food and comes with a lot of health benefits. It has a slightly pungent smell. We can make it more delicious by adding masalas. Shallow fry capsicum retains its crispness and urges to have more. We not only relish this vegetable but also acquire its complete health benefits by eating on a regular basis.

Curbs Cardiac Problem – It is loaded with Vitamin C so the amount of antioxidants is much higher in this vegetable. Including this vegetable in your meal can prevent blood clots, stroke, and cardiac arrest. The Vitamin A present in capsicum can battle against free radicals. Potassium and folate nutrition can reduce the risk of heart diseases and blood pressure.

Rich in Fiber – Capsicum is loaded with dietary fiber that prevents colon cancer. It maintains cholesterol levels. Eating half a cup of capsicum can very well treat irritable bowel syndrome and constipation.

Builds Immunity – It mainly improves our nervous system. The most vital nutrient in this vegetable is Vitamin B6. This builds the immunity in our body and regulates other body functions.

Best for Teeth – Calcium is very important for our teeth and bone to keep strong and healthy. Capsicum contains more calcium. By consuming raw capsicum it directly supplies its nutrients to the gums and maintains oral health

Treats Respiratory Problems -The phytonutrients in Green Bell Peppers relax the respiratory passage and benefit people who suffer from asthma. It improves overall health and cures skin-related diseases like acne, blemishes, and rashes.

Reduces Aging and Infection -The antibacterial property of capsicum reduces infection such as herpes zoster, athlete’s foot, etc. Consuming this green vegetable regularly can rejuvenate the skin and keeps it healthy.