Mace/Javitri is a Spice that has a lot of unknown hidden facts. It is used mainly in the preparation of sweet foods. It adds good flavor, aroma, and makes the dish more colorful. Spices are loaded with an abundance of health benefits. Mace is also used in medicines as it has stimulant and astringent. The spice is used directly to add aroma to briyani and in powdered form in many traditional dishes. It contains omega 3 and dietary fibers which is essential for human consumption. Getting into more benefits of this amazing nature’s product.

Releases Stress – It is highly recommended for any mental problem. It is a powerful stress buster. It enhances memory and relaxes the mind. Mace is the best medicine for any mental illness.

Cure Joint pains – The antiinflammatory property in mace cures joint and muscular pains. Mace oil is recommended for rheumatism and arthritis problems. Regular massage with oil can show better results.

Source of Minerals – It is a good source of iron and copper. This mineral is necessary for blood cell formation. Iron is a very important mineral that determines the strength of the body. It can prevent fatigue and anemia.

Massage Oil – As it serves best for mental health, regular massage of mace oil can give the body a complete relaxation. The aroma of this amazing oil gives the divine feeling and stimulates our brain cells.

Protects from Cold and Cough – It is the best spice for asthma. It is used as an ingredient in the preparation of cold syrups. Taking mace is your diet regularly can prevent you from flu attacks.

Relieves from Anxiety and Depression – Various studies have proven that mace has anti-depressant,anti-anxiety, and sedative property. It activates neurotransmitters which help for a healthy mind. Mace also has serotonin compound that keeps the mind calm.

Powerful Appetite – Mace has essential components to induce hunger. If you don’t feel like eating due to some inconvenience created in the stomach trying to add mace in your food. This will help you eat well. The medicinal property can give a powerful and healthy appetite.