31Undeniably, noodles are one of the most loved junk foods of the youngsters. It is consumed as a breakfast, snack, or dinner. It may seem to be the perfect eating when you run out of time. While the captivating noodles can have your heart, it does have its disadvantages when it comes to nutrients. Since noodles are low in nutrients, they may wreak havoc on your health. Although people do know about the ill effects of eating noodles, they deliberately ignore the shocking facts of noodles. The high content of carbohydrates, fat, sodium, calories, additives, and flavorings make noodles the poor choice of food. The easy preparation and low cost can be added to the bonus thing for wanting noodles. But these will never compensate for the ill effects of eating noodles. Continue reading. . .

LEADS TO OBESITY: The frequent consumption of instant noodles may result in obesity. This may be due to the high content of fat and sodium that ends up in water retention in the body. So, the regular munching of noodles may gain bodyweight.

DISTURBS THE SEX HORMONES: For men, the adverse consequences of Instant Noodles additionally apply. Instant noodles high in synthetic substances will upset male hormones in sex where they can not handle their sex drive.

RESULTS IN METABOLIC SYNDROME: The consumption of noodles may result in metabolic syndrome especially in women, as per the studies. Regardless of other healthy foods, eating noodles every week may also disrupt health.

ABSENCE OF NUTRIENT ABSORPTION: The regular intake of spicy and delish noodles may affect the children’s health as there is a lack of nutrient absorption ability. More than young adults, teens, and tweens have been attracted to noodles. So, eating it may not offer enough nutrients to your kids.

DIABETES: Noodle however tends to taste appetizing likewise contains a great deal of sugar content which can cause Diabetes illness.

ENDS UP IN CHRONIC DISEASES: Although you are consuming noodles once a week, it does have its effect. It may lead to disruption in health as it may cause metabolic syndrome and even high blood pressure eventually. A low level of HDL or good cholesterol may increase the risk of heart diseases and diabetes.

PACKED WITH BAD FATS: Being the processed food, noodles are full of saturated fatty acid or trans-fat. This means that they are loaded with edible vegetable oils, sugar syrup, flavors, and other additives which are no good.

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