Every woman undergoes painful periods every month due to muscle cramps, hip pain, and even experience mood swings. During the five days of this menstrual time, they undergo severe pain in their abdominal part. It also combines with physical and mental health issues that disturb their regular life. There are certain ways that can bring down the pain to a certain extent. You can decrease the intensity of the pain so easily by following certain tips. Read this article and get relieved from painful periods.

Refrain using Clothes – Cloth is considered to be more infectious than sanitary pads. In the older days, people had to use only cloth as there were no sanitary pads. The dirt and infections stick onto the cloth even though it is washed well. The cloth is not friendly for your skin as it causes rashes and not safe for the private zone. Sanitary pads are a great relief and give a comfortable feel with no fear of strain.

Do not stay awake late nights – Women need physical and mental rest during these three days periods. But it is quite difficult to get peaceful sleep in spite of hovering pain due to menstrual issues. Intermittent sleep also can work relieving pain. This can relax your muscles and nerves, giving complete rest to your organs to perform the healing process.

Eat a balanced Diet – Take a balanced diet to tackle the pain and cramps. Add carbohydrates, fats, and omega3  rich foods to regain more strength. Include vegetable or olive oil in your meal to heal your pain.

Stay away from Caffeine – Avoid beverages and foods carrying caffeine elements as they can aggravate cramps and bloating.

Avoid skipping meals – During periods your body requires enough nutrients to cope up with the pain. On the other hand, your stomach does not demand an urge for food or a liking for food. Stomach and hip pain keep you away from cravings. Taking balanced nutrients is very important at this time. Enough minerals and vitamin-rich fruits can be consumed to balance the pain. Also, omega 3 fatty acids seen in nuts and flaxseeds become a great savior from this menstrual pain.

Vigorous workouts – Doing workouts every day can improve your metabolic function and a better solution for healthy, painless periods. Undergoing exercise during periods is not advisable. Straining your body can affect your pelvic muscles that increase the blood flow. Your energy level is already low in this period so strenuous exercise can make you more miserable.

Stay away from unprotected sex – It is not safe to have sex during the menstrual period. It paves the way to many infections if you indulge in unprotected sex. The cervix is open to let the blood flow so the disease gets easily transmitted. Having sex during this time makes more uncomfortable and makes the place messy. It is better to avoid sex to save from infections and additional pain.

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