The growing modern world has put men into a stressful life that impacts their health differently. One among them is the reproductive issue in men which affects physical, mental, and emotional health. But you could take a minute to overcome these issues by scheduling your diet. Scheduling your diet means you have to include what is healthy for your reproductive system and what is not. These foods would in turn greatly decide the fertility health of men. So, check out the following worst foods you gotta dump right now.

FISH WITH HIGH MERCURY CONTENT: Avoid predator fishes such as swordfish, tuna, tilefish, etc would be incorporated with higher mercury content when compared to other fishes. The reason is that the predator fish would eat other small fishes and this would, in turn, increase the level of mercury contents. Since mercury is bad for health, it would negatively impact the reproductive system that would, in turn, lead to fertility issues.

HIGH-FAT DAIRY PRODUCTS: Dairy products are usually known to be healthy with their nutrients. But with the high-fat content, dairy products would be bad for your health. So, dairy products such as cheese and full-cream milk would collapse the male reproductive system. Even the full-fat dairy products might have residues of medicines provided for the cows which in turn could affect the health of the reproductive system.

CANNED FOODS: When you pick up some canned or tinned foods, you should have to think twice if you really want it. As the tinned foods are lined with a compound called Bisphenol, it would interrupt your testosterone levels, which is why you have to dump these canned foods.

TRANS FATS: When you intake more trans fats items, it could collapse your reproductive health. Foods such as baked and fried foods and cakes, cookies, biscuits, fried chicken, and french fries are high in trans fats and so when consumed excessively, it would increase the chance of obesity. Well, obesity would be a higher cause of fertility issues in males.

ALCOHOL: The consumption of alcohol regularly would determine your overall health. Boozing would negatively affect your reproductive health or fertility in both men and women. When you start boozing often, it would cause health issues such as low testosterone levels and erectile dysfunction. So, keep it light.

PROCESSED MEATS: If you wish to have your hands on processed meats, you just have to take them back by thinking about reproductive health. When men consume processed meats, it would spoil sperm health and other reproductive issues in men.

CARBONATED DRINKS: Carbonated drinks such as colas and other energy drinks would create fertility issues in men. Even colas and aerated drinks are infused with high sugar content which could spike up the oxidative stress in the body.

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