We have seen the Lotus flower known for its beauty and elegance. It is celebrated as a national flower. It is an aquarium plant. It is considered so special to God when offered as mala. Apart from this, we have some hidden truth about this flower, the seeds of the lotus flower are loaded with abundant benefits for skin, hair, and health. We have seen many varieties of fruits and vegetable for its nutritional value but the seed of Lotus flower packed with a lot of nutrients have put everyone in wonder. Based on the proven facts let us see the benefits of lotus seeds.

Treats Diarrhea – Lotus seeds are the best treatment for diarrhea. Soak lotus seeds in warm water for a few hours and then add rock sugar is the natural remedy for diarrhea. Eating this seed can help to strengthen the digestive system and to reduce the problem of diarrhea.

Controls Blood pressure – The lotus plant has great benefits to lower blood pressure. The embryo of the lotus seed helps to reduce high blood pressure as it has a bitter taste and cooling properties which is good for the heart. Vitamin C nutrient is found in the stem of the lotus plant improves regular body functions. Potassium is one of the minerals to regulate blood pressure.

Restores Kidney Function -The lotus seeds have astringent properties that prevent kidney stones, kidney infection, and return essential energy to kidneys.

Resolves Sleep Disorder –  Insomnia is a sleeping disorder that is found in most people with a changing lifestyle. The lotus seeds have a calming and natural sedative property which can cure people with a sleeping disorder, restlessness, and laziness.

Heals Gum Tissues – Lotus seeds are good to add to your diet if you face any problem with your gums. The gum bleeding occurs due to weakness or harsh tooth brushing. The seeds have healing properties that can cure any gum problems and repair unhealthy gum tissues.

Reduce heart diseases – Lotus seed contains magnesium which is known to improve blood circulation and oxygen. This deficiency can be a reason behind the heart-related disease and hence you must not avoid it. The risks of the coronary heart can be avoided easily with folate and magnesium.

Helps In Weight Loss – Lotus seeds have a low Glycemic Index value when consumed give the feeling of being full and reduces your intake. This results in weight loss.

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