Itchy throat and ears can occur due to common cold, irritation in skin due to bacteria or viruses. Allergy due to external toxins can be through the skin or your food intake. The itchy throat and ear problem can be treated with the available home products. This problem can be annoying but should be dealt with utmost care. Here are some home remedies to get permanent relief from itchiness in the throat and ears

Honey – The nutrients in honey are very effective for your throat.Honey scores all-rounder concerning health benefits. It is high in anti-inflammatory property which wards off infections in the throat and ears. A spoon of honey every morning gives soothing relief to start a day.

Do Saltwater gargle – Mix salt in hot water and gargle for ten seconds without swallowing. The sodium in salt can fight against the bacteria causing infection. This process can be done twice or thrice to get better relief.

Take a sip of lemon and ginger tea –  Lemon has antibacterial properties together with ginger is highly effective for itchiness in the throat and ear problem. Add a spoon of honey in lemon ginger tea, an excellent remedy for itchiness that can be consumed twice or thrice a day.

Consume Herbal teas – Herbs are the perfect healer of any infections. Many varieties of herbs serve various purposes. There are fennel, clover, tulsi, cinnamon, and lemongrass herbs that could make the perfect choice for itchy throat and ear.

Drink enough water – When your throat gets dried due to insufficient water can lead to an itchy throat. Dryness in the throat can occur due to vigorous workouts, illness, or sun exposure. Consume more water to avoid a dry throat

Turmeric milk – Milk added with turmeric finds a special place for any throat problem. It is the best home remedy followed by our grandparents in those days. Turmeric can combat any type of germs and bacterias. Drink turmeric milk every night to relieve throat and ear itchiness.

Apple cider vinegar – It contains antibacterial properties that prevent itchy throat and ear. The acidic nature of ACV kills the germs so easily. Mix a tbsp of vinegar in a glass of water and consume to get quick relief or drip vinegar in a cotton ball, place it in the affected area.