Garlic is loaded with a train of nutrition with few calories. It can reduce blood pressure, deals with cardiovascular problems, and boost your immune power. We add this vegetable to almost every dish to increase the flavor but often it ends up in bad breath. There are ways to get rid of garlic breath by following some tricks given in this article.

Consume milk – Milk can diminish the sulfur content in garlic. It acts as a mouth rinse that reduces bad breath when consumed during a meal. The fat present in milk removes bad odor effectively.

Sip Green Tea – Green tea has abundant health benefits and it can also take care of bad breath. The compound Polyphenol present in garlic can neutralize the garlic stench. Drink the tea after a meal to get rid of bad breath.

Suck lemon juice – The citric acid in lemon can nullify the sulfur compound in garlic. Never forget to suck a lemon after a heavy added garlic meal.

Prefer fruit for dessert – Some fruits can be chosen for dessert to act best in quenching the stench of garlic. Apples, kiwis, pineapple, grapes, and berries contain enzymes that can break down garlic’s sulfur compounds. After a meal, go for a fruit salad to feel fresh.

Clean your tongue – Our mouth smells bad due to bacteria deposits. The food particles that get stuck in your teeth are the cause for the growth of bacteria. Along with mouth wash scrape your tongue to get rid of bad breath. It works well to stench the smell of garlic.

Use mouthwash – Do a mouthwash after a meal to neutralize the smell of garlic. The mouthwash contains chlorine dioxide or zinc can swipe away odiferous sulfur compounds.

Chew Minty gum – Chewing gum secretes saliva dissolves bacteria in your mouth and gives a fresh scent. Mint has the power to dismiss the sulfur compound. Try Mint chewing gum after a meal to get rid of garlic breath.