Biologically, the bodies of both men and women differ. The body and mind of women are more complex to understand when compared to men.


Even though men are chaotic in understanding the feelings of women in their life, they still have a way to understand them better by knowing about the interesting facts about women’s bodies which men probably did not know. Even some of the facts about women’s bodies are not known by women themselves. So, check out the following fascinating facts about women’s body which might amaze you.

WOMEN POSSESS STRONGER IMMUNE SYSTEM THAN MEN: Did you know women possess a stronger immune system? Yes, it is partly due to estrogen and partly due to the extra X chromosome as per the experts. It would develop the immune system of the female, naturally and so they are less affected than men. For instance, you could have witnessed this in the current pandemic situation where men are highly infected than women.

WOMEN PRODUCE TESTOSTERONE: Testosterone is known to be the male sex hormone but it is actually also produced by women. This particular hormone is essential for sex drive and bone health. So, the bodies of women do produce the hormone at a lower level than the women.

WOMEN DO SMILE OFTEN THAN MEN: Women smile more than men do which is interesting enough. So, we could see the fact that women are actually happier than men or they wish to seem happier often. But this might be according to the women’s mind which could never be understood. However, the fact is that they smile over 62 times than men who smile just 8 times a day.

WOMEN’S BRAINS DO REMEMBER EVERY MINUTE DETAILS: Women could remember every single detail like dates or words or events occurred or particular days when compared to men. This powerful capability is due to the prefrontal cortex (PFC) which is responsible for the women’s ability in remembering acute things. Naturally, women do remember things in their conversations with any person than men.

VAGINAS ARE KNOWN FOR ITS SELF-CLEANING ACTIVITY: Does the vagina self-clean itself? Does not it sound weird? Well, this is not weird but this is scientifically true. The discharge might be visible in the underclothes which is a part of the vagina’s self-cleaning process. The production of mucus in the cervix which is top of the womb is the natural way of cleaning where women themselves could not reach.

WOMEN ARE LESS LIKELY TO BE AFFECTED BY HEART DISEASES THAN MEN: You might think that men are at high risk of cardiovascular disease and women are less likely to be affected. This does not mean that they have less stress in their life but because of the protective hormones called premenopausal hormones. This condition is effective before the period of menopause but after the age of 60, both men and women are equally at risk of heart diseases.

EGGS LIVE SHORTER BUT SPERMS LIVE LONGER IN WOMEN’S BODIES: This could be completely interesting, isn’t it? Absolutely yes, the foreign sperm could live in the women’s bodies much longer than the eggs of their own reproductive system. This could be highly a fascinating fact for both men and women as well.

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