Arrowroot is seen in the powdered form but actually, it is a root vegetable rich in starch. It is packed with iron, copper, phosphorus, and Vitamins that prevents from various illness.

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The best medicine for diarrhea and enables the proper functioning of the digestive system. It can treat any urinary infections, stomach disorders, and improves the immune system. Here are some facts about this root vegetable.

Improves Heart Health – Arrowroot is rich in potassium that relaxes the arteries and blood vessels. It can combat against heart-related problems such as heart attacks, and strokes. The mineral enhances the flow of oxygen supply to the brain.

Builds Immune System – The extracts of arrowroot powder enhances the production of cells within the immune system. It shows cytotoxic actions to build immune system health.

Boost Metabolic Process – Arrowroot plays a vital role in building your metabolism. The vitamin B in the root vegetable regulates the entire functioning of the body in the fight against deficiency.

Reduces Weight – Arrowroot is rich in starch but low in calories compared to yam, potatoes, etc. Enough carbs and dietary fiber are supplied to people who undergo a weight loss program.

Eases Digestion – The vegetable is rich in starch that helps in treating patients with irritable bowel syndrome. The laxative nature present in the powder enables digestion and regulates bowel movement.

Cures Urinary Tract Infection –  The root vegetable can effectively treat inflammation or infection in the urinary tract. It is the best home remedy for bladder infections helps especially for women who are prone to this infection often.

Relieves Stomach Problem – Arrowroot is gluten-free that helps to get rid of gastrointestinal problems. It is a very good remedy for Celiac disease. It reduces discomfort caused due to stomach pain and bloating. The high amount of starch helps in relieving stomach disorders.

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