Vasambu is a herb that has been a traditional medicine for ages. It has lots of amazing health benefits. It is called Calamus/Sweet Flag, Vacha in Hindi and it is known as ‘Pillai Valarpan’ or ‘Pillai Marunthu’.

It is believed to do wonders for our health since ancient times. It can eliminate problems like gastritis, indigestion, bloating diarrhea, and ulcer. It acts as a helping hand for mothers to treat their infants/babies from stomach-related problems. It shows the best results for our skin too. Here we can see its internal and external benefits.

Resolves Gastric Problems – Gastric problems occur due to food indigestion, food poisoning, bacterial infection, or missing food schedule. Vasambu /Calamus comes as a boon to all these problems.

Revives the Brain – Calamus specifically penetrates deep into the brain tissues and focuses the nervous system. It removes the toxins from the mind and rejuvenates the brain. It opens the nadis of the higher chakras. It works effectively on emotional imbalance and mental stress. It can get rid of laziness and headache.

Best for Infants – Infants cannot express their discomforts. We often end up with our understanding of stomach ailments. Instead of approaching the doctor let us try home remedies for immediate relief. Calamus powder is mixed with honey and placed on the infant’s tongue. Tie a piece of vasambu/calamus around the infant’s hand, by sucking the piece of vasambu can keep away any stomach ailments. It induces good sleep for babies. Despite safety concerns, the calamus is commonly used by mouth for different stomach problems, including ulcers, inflammation of the stomach lining (gastritis), diarrhea, intestinal gas (flatulence), upset stomach, and many more.

Solves Speech Problems – Swipe Vasambu/calamus on a stone sprinkled with water and feed the paste. This helps babies to get rid of speech problems and talk earlier.

Cures Acne – Mix the Vasambu/Calamus root powder with turmeric and apply it to the face. This can remove acne problems and pimples.

Treats Dandruff – Use the paste of this herb and spread it across the scalp. This can remove dandruff so easily.

Effects of Vasambu/Calamus kajal – Lit mud lamp using castor oil or gingelly oil and keep  Vasambu on flame till it is burnt till it becomes black. Grind the burnt Vasambu and store the powder in an airtight container or swipe it on a stone and use it. It can be applied on the cheeks, forehead, feet, and around the baby’s navel to cure stomach problems.

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