An eye-catcher vegetable that is well known for its special nutrients. The vegetable looks like lettuce except for the color. In most of the dishes, it adorns with its beauty and taste. Purple cabbage is found in most Italian dishes and salads. The vegetable has a sweet-spicy flavor that can keep away certain health hazards. Here are some benefits of this adorable vegetable in this article.

Regulates bowel movements – The dietary fiber in purple cabbage can regulate the size of the stool. It can boost weight and make it smooth. It manages loose stools by absorbing water and make it heavy. Regular intake of this vegetable can keep away the constipation problem.

Prevents Premature Aging – It is rich in various antioxidants that prevent you from serious disease. It has a great effect on your skin. It can fight against free radicals that cause skin damage and replaces healthy tissues. It can tighten your skin and prevent wrinkles. Vitamin A can regenerate new cell growth and protects from sunburn.

Improves Eye Health – Vitamin A nutrient in food can keep away eye problems. Purple cabbage can treat cataracts and macular degeneration when consumed regularly. It maintains eye health and proper vision in a long run.

Eliminates Ulcer Problem – People who suffer from ulcers in gastrointestinal systems can include this vegetable in their daily meal to get rid of this problem. The high anti-inflammatory property can reduce the pain as well as eliminates ulcer problems.

Treats Premenstrual Syndrome – The vegetable can be the best treatment for Premenstrual Syndrome. Some women may undergo stress, pain attacks, mood swings before the menstrual period. Red cabbage is rich in Vitamin B6 that helps in reducing the effects caused before the menstrual cycle.

Lowers Sugar level – The presence of manganese in the vegetable can effectively control the sugar level. It improves insulin secretion and regulates the sudden drop in blood sugar.

Reduces Weight – The vegetable can stop you from overeating by keeping your stomach full. Like any other vegetable cabbage also has more dietary fiber and excellent nutrients. The vegetable can be added to your daily regime with no fear of weight gain as it contains zero calories.