As coronavirus is spreading, people are inhabiting healthy habits such as washing hands, social distancing, working outs, cleaning vehicles, and getting enough sleep to reduce the risk of infection. Above all, it is important to have a healthy diet that helps you to boost your immunity and defends your body from infection. Even though there no studies have done on foods that help in battling Coronavirus, you should ensure to build your body healthily by providing nutrient-rich foods. So, here are foods that increase your immunity level and assist you during the pandemic period.

STRAWBERRIES: As we know vitamin C is good in strengthening the immune system, it would be better if intake Vitamin-C rich foods. However, we have strawberries that are rich in Vitamin-C, and also it could be helpful in protecting cells from damage that is caused by free radicals. So, make sure to get enough of vitamin-c.

CHICKPEAS: You might have heard about chickpeas and it’s health benefits. Chickpeas are packed with a lot of protein, nutrients, and zinc which is highly helpful in enhancing your immune system and also control and regulate immune responses. It serves as a great healthy snack in it’s a roasted form.

MUSHROOMS: Most of us love eating mushrooms without even knowing its benefits. Like the sun, the mushroom is also a good source vitamin D and thus helps in enhancing the absorption of calcium, healthy for bone, and acts as a shield against some cancers and respiratory diseases as well.

YOGURT: Being good in probiotics, yogurt is helpful in providing a healthy gut and immune system. As it is a good bacteria, it could effectively helpful in combating common cold and respiratory infections as well. You could choose any flavored yogurt and get infused with immune power.

GARLIC: The health benefits of garlic are known to be popular and are used for preparing dishes for years. Being helpful in reducing the blood pressure and lowering the risk of heart diseases, garlic is good in fighting infections. Garlic is also helpful in treating common cold as per the studies.

SPINACH: Due to the presence of vitamin-c and antioxidants, spinach is helpful in protecting our immune cells from the damage of the surroundings. It also contains beta-carotene which is the important dietary source of vitamin A. This vitamin A would be an essential component for immune functioning though.

BROCCOLI: Broccoli contains phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamin C, and E which is helpful in battling bacteria and viruses. When you eat it in a raw form, it would provide you the most out of it or cook little.