Like diet and exercise, Sleep plays a vital role in building a healthy body. As lack of sleep would lead to several health conditions, it would make you stressed and worried too. What if you could improve your sleeping quality through the consumption of foods? So, choosing the right food is key for a healthy lifestyle. However, there are several foods that have the ability to enhance sleep. So, here is the list of foods to enhance sleep naturally. Read on. . .

HONEY: The presence of tryptophan (a sleep-inducing amino acid) in honey would help enhance your sleeping quality. Moreover, the natural sugars present in honey would make you snooze as they would transfer tryptophan through the bloodstream and to the brain. So, add a teaspoon of honey to a glass of milk and have it before bed to enjoy better sleep.

MILK: Still people have the habit of drinking milk before jumping onto the bed. Did you know why? Well, milk is rich in sleep-enhancing tryptophan amino acid and it would, in turn, increase the melatonin level that regulates the sleep cycle. Traditionally, drinking warm milk before bed could help induce the calming effect as well.

BANANAS: Like drinking warm milk, eating bananas as a night-time snack would improve the sleeping quality. Being rich in potassium, tryptophan, and magnesium, bananas are naturally helpful in enhancing sleep. So, have it before bed like you used to have it back in your childhood.

NUTS AND SEEDS: Like bananas, nuts could be a great night-time snack as they would stimulate the brain to release serotonin, the happy hormones. Moreover, the rich source of magnesium and tryptophan in nuts would make it worth tossing before bed. So, add walnuts, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds to your bedtime snack as they are high in tryptophan.

EGGS: Eggs are not only loaded with rich protein but also packed with a great source of tryptophan. So, why don’t you add a hard-boiled egg to your dinner? Well, consuming eggs would give you a better snooze.

BEANS: Beans are naturally blended with B vitamins such as B6, niacin, and folate which are brain-healthy. These B vitamins help treat and prevent insomnia thereby getting rid of stress and anxiety. So, add beans to your sleep-inducing diet.

CHICKPEAS: The appetizing chickpeas are high in vitamin B6 which would help produce serotonin, the feel-happy hormone. So, you could toss some boiled chickpeas as a bedtime snack to get a good night’s sleep. So, these are the foods to enhance sleep that you could incorporate into your diet.

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