When summer is here, we would be struggling to beat the heat by all means. We almost hate the different disturbances such as skin eruptions, sweat, and dehydration which we would hate to battle with. So, it is highly essential for us to stay healthy as well as cool in this summer heat. So, here are a few Ayurvedic tips to stay healthily cool in this summer to fight the heat issues.

DO NOT HAVE FOODS WHICH HEAT YOU UP: Just try to avoid foods that would produce heat in your body and become harmful. So, avoid sour fruits, citrus fruits, beetroots, and carrots which would tend to heat up your body. Also, it is good if you limit the consumption of garlic, chili, tomato, sour cream, and salted cheese to avoid health issues.

HAVE FOOD ON TIME: It is highly advisable to eat when your digestive system is at its peak which would be during lunchtime. However, when you miss the lunch during hot times, it would then upset your pitta dosha as per Ayurveda. This would also make you feel irritated and odd.

STAY AWAY FROM ICED WATER OR DRINKS: When it comes to ice-cold drinks, it would cause digestive issues as well as create toxins. But when you drink chilled water, it would almost put off the digestive fire which leads to various health issues.

REACH FOR COCONUT OIL: All you have to do is to rub few drops of coconut oil on your body right before taking a bath. This would ultimately provide you a calm, cool, and soothing effect to the skin.

DO NOT INDULGE IN EXERCISE OTHER THAN MORNING: Well, it is highly beneficial to exercise early in the morning. This is because it is the coolest part of the day though. But if you indulge in vigorous exercises during the other sessions of the day, it would heat up the body and cause harm.