Almond Gum also called Badam Gondh or Badam Pisin is known for its natural body coolant obtained from the badam/Almond tree. The gum that is secreted from the barks of the tree is named Badam Gondh, which is dried and used for medicinal purposes. This edible gum can be consumed during summer to keep the body cool. This excellent natural gum which contains no artificial colors and preservatives can prevent us from ulcers, stomach problems, spasms, and pain. Excessive intake of badam Gondh can lead to choking, nervous problems, or any life-threatening symptoms. Here we can know its extraordinary contribution to our health.

Natural Jelly –  Stop buying artificial jellies and switch over to Badam Gondh for children especially. It has a lot of natural ingredients with no artificial flavors. Try with milk or ice cream to add more taste.

Body Coolant – During summer our internal body temperature gets heated up. They are not only good to maintain body heat but also give proper nutrition. A moderate amount of this edible gum is good for our health. It gives a soothing effect to the stomach keeps away from burns and ulcers.

Reduces Allergy – Take Badam Gondh with rose milk or warm water to reduce skin allergies and itching problems.

Lowers Cholesterol – Badam Gondh/Almond gum maintains insulin level in the blood. Regular intake of this edible gum can keep blood and cholesterol levels in check.

Increases Bodyweight – Almond gum with warm milk can be taken at night to gain sufficient weight. It has an antioxidant property and rich in minerals such as zinc, fats, magnesium, phosphorous, and nutrients. Almond gums added to our daily meal can fulfill all the requirements of a body.

Helps Pregnant Women – It provides relief from congestion and cough. The high-calorie value in badam Gondh adds to the body weight. It aids the proper development of the baby in pregnant women. The required nutrient is given to the baby in the mother’s womb. It is highly recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers to add Badam Gondh to their diet.

Boost Memory Power – For many children who want to boost their memory power can go for Badam Gondh. It provides the required immunity to combat any toxins from entering the body. It also strengthens the nervous system and keeps the brain fresh. It is mostly advised for children and aged people. Badam Gondh can be added to milk and consumed every day to show better results.

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