Eucalyptus oil is extracted from dried leaves of the Eucalyptus Globulus tree. The oil is treated as the best home remedy for colds and coughs. It is packed with antioxidants, antiseptic, decongestant, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic properties that prevent any health ailments. The strong smell of this oil has the power to relieve congested nose and joint pains. It works amazingly in a diluted form that improves your immune power as well as clears any respiratory disorder. Read this article fully to know the complete benefits of this wonderful oil.

Builds immunity – White blood cells help to fight against harmful pathogens and keep our body healthy. Eucalyptus oil helps to activate the white blood cells to combat toxins and boost your immune system.

Improves scalp health and eliminates lice – It improves scalp health to a greater extent. It keeps away dandruff and any fungal infections effectively with its antiseptic property. Add eucalyptus oil with tea tree oil to clear the lice problem. The medicinal value of this oil can very well act on enhancing scalp health.

Releases stuffy nose – Do steam inhalation with eucalyptus oil to escape from congested nose. The effective antiseptic and anti-inflammatory property of this oil works with the mucous membranes and helps to breathe freely. The application of this oil can easily clear the stuffy nose.

Treats sore muscle and joint pain – The oil with its excellent anti-inflammatory properties releases joint and muscle pains. It is used in medicines to cure muscle strains, backache, arthritis, and sprains. By rubbing the eucalyptus oil mixed with any carrier oil on the affected area shows better results.

Acts as Disinfectant – The oil exhibits antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that handle all types of infections. It does the healing process much faster, prevents infections in wounds and cuts.

Insects and rodents repellent – The strong smell of this Eucalyptus acts as an excellent insect and rodent repellent for cockroaches, bugs, rodents, and mosquitoes. To get relieved from the annoying insects at home, mix a few drops of oil with water and spray around the targeted areas.

Alleviates respiratory problems  – The best home remedy to get rid of sore throat, asthma, cold, and bronchitis. It possesses a cough suppressor and decongestant that helps to clear phlegm or mucus. It releases the airpath effectively by adding eucalyptus oil during steam inhalation. To relieve sore throat and bronchitis, gargle the water that is soaked with leaves.

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