Calories are essential for your body to be active and energized. But you gotta watch the number of calories you intake if you wish to stay fit and slim. On the other hand, low-calorie foods are loaded with fiber and protein which would help you feel satiated for a longer time. It would also curb your hankerings for unwanted or unhealthy foods. So, here are some foods with zero calories that could be helpful in your slimming, or health goals.

APPLES: As per the famous proverb, apples keep you healthy, and stay away from doctors. Since they are wholesome and nutritious, apples could break down easily in the digestive system, and make you feel full for a longer time. So, you could consume the slices of the fruit without any guilt.

CUCUMBERS: This is a summer fruit or veggie which usually helps you in hydration and beats the heat during the scorching weather. Being a refreshing food, it would be used as a salad and even used as detoxifying water stirred well with herbs and fruits as well. The water content in cucumbers is high and so it is a low-calorie food to consume.

SPINACH: How could you forget about leafy greens? Spinach is here to help you throughout your slimming goals. Loaded with minerals, vitamins A, K, proteins, and folate, spinach is good to go. It is also extremely low in calories.

BEETS: Being a root veggie, beets are naturally in a deep-red color. This blood-red veggie is helpful in reducing blood pressure, and even enhance your mental performance with the help of nitrates. Also, it comes under low-calorie veggie.

PAPAYA: Papaya has been a tremendous fruit that has multiple benefits. Appears like a melon embedded with black seeds, Papayas contain almost zero calories in it. Rich in vitamin A and potassium, Papayas are highly beneficial for your body and support your slimming goals.

CARROTS: Known for their wonderful benefits, Carrots are an amazing option. This orange tuber veggie is packed with vitamins and beta-carotene and consists of zero calories in it. Best for eye health, carrots are great to consume by adding them to your everyday diet.

GRAPEFRUIT: As grapefruits are extremely nutritious and delicious citrus fruits, they could be used for garnishing over salad, yogurt, and even fish. It also consists of essential compounds that would lower cholesterol levels and boosts the metabolic rate of your body. So, what are you waiting for? You just have to add these to your everyday diet and watch your body changing.

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