Most of you might be familiar with the name ‘Chyawanprash’, which is a healthy mix of amazing herbs and spices.

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Ever since ancient days, the healthy amalgamation of herbs and spices made it to be a strong, natural remedy for various health conditions. It has been recommended by ayurvedic healers to spike up the immune power of the body thereby keeping the health conditions in check. This is due to the inculcation of strong herbs, minerals, and spices, and vitamin C of the mixture, Chyawanprash.

You might have wondered about the ingredients of this natural remedy. So, let’s look into the following twelve ingredients – Amla, Neem, Pippali or Indian long pepper, Brahmi, Saffron, White Sandalwood, Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Cardamom, Arjun, Honey, and Ghee. All the aforementioned ingredients are packed with nutrients such as antioxidants, dietary fibres, proteins, and vitamin C which is associated with effective health benefits. So, all these herbs and spices would do their best in enhancing health from protecting the heart to boosting the lungs. Read on to know about the incredible health benefits of Chyawanprash.

BOOSTS IMMUNITY: Loaded with robust vitamin C and antioxidants, Chyawanprash is great for enhancing the immune power of the body thereby destroying the microbes and shielding the body from infections. Along with the anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antifungal properties, the herbal mixture is known to be preventing the common cold, fever, sore throat, and other respiratory issues.

STRENGTHENS THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Not only does it spike up the immune power of the body but also reinforces the respiratory system of the body. The powerful ingredients of the herbal mixture would do their magic for your breathing organ. It would cure allergic cough, respiratory infections, asthma, and other related illnesses.

IMPROVES LIBIDO AND FERTILITY: Being aphrodisiac in nature, Chyawanprash is beneficial in increasing libido and regulating fertility in men. It would also ease the anxiety and stress you are going through and enhances the reproductive health of both men and women.

PROMOTES WEIGHT LOSS: When it comes to Chyawanprash, the existence of flavonoids would help aid the weight loss process. The intake of the mixture would satisfy your tummy and curbs the hankerings for unwanted foods. It would stimulate the metabolism of the body as well.

ENHANCES DIGESTION AND METABOLISM: The anti-flatulent properties of Chyawnprash would help reduce flatulence, bloat, and abdominal distension. Also, the antacid effect of the herbs would aid in stomach issues such as ulcers, indigestion, gastritis, and gut cramps. The dietary fibre is helpful in the proper digestive process as well.

DELAYS THE AGEING PROCESS: The antioxidant properties of the herbal mixture help protect the body from cellular damage thereby lowering the ageing process. It would combat free radical damage as well as balance the calcium content of the bones in the body.

INCREASES HAIR AND NAILS HEALTH: The regular consumption of this boastful herbal mixture would be highly helpful in improving the health of the hair and nails. This is due to the presence of the antioxidants in Chyawanprash which would keep the brittle nails at bay and avert the premature greying of hair.

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