Radish is a root crop vegetable that has a lot of benefits for your health. It can be eaten raw or used in salad or in cooked form. The slight sugary and juicy vegetable is extremely low in calories. They add a special flavor to any food and have no restriction in consumption. It can improve detoxification, relieves kidney problem, reduces the cancerous cells, good for skin, and enhances digestion. Here are various facets of this wonderful vegetable in this article.

Boost Metabolism – Oriental Radish is rich in iron and copper. The minerals help in carrying oxygen to cells and promote metabolism. Radish can help women to get rid of anemia. It is highly supportive during the menstrual cycle.

Strengthen bones – Bones get weaker as we get older. To strengthen your bones, intake of calcium-rich food is advisable. Radish is one such vegetable, packed with calcium that can build strong bones and prevents osteoporosis.

Improves Kidney health – The function of the kidney is to filter unwanted substances from the blood. It sends out the water-soluble waste as urine. It helps in recycling water by taking vital nutrients back to circulation. Radish enables the urination process with its nutrients. The juicy nature of the vegetable promotes urine. It also removes stone formation in the kidneys.

Boost Immune Function – Vitamin C in radish helps in building the immune system. It improves white blood cells that are responsible for immunity functions. Radish prevents infections with its anti-oxidant properties. It can do the healing process much faster.

Relieves Diabetes – It is high in fiber and low in carbohydrates. This vegetable can slow down sugar absorption and keeps insulin under control. This can be the perfect choice of food for diabetic problems.

Builds Brain Function – Folate/folic acid is an important mineral that can reduce the chance of neurodegenerative diseases. Radish is packed with this mineral that slows down oxidation and stress. For pregnant women, doctors usually recommend folate during the course of pregnancy. It has greater effects on the unborn child’s development.

Treats Respiratory Problem  – The vegetable clears the infection caused in the respiratory tract and lungs. The anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties of radish can prevent mucus and enables breathing.