How many of you have the habit of storing things under your bed? Well, it might seem to be the best spot to lock your things and treasure your favorite and memorable ones too. You could even store things which you wish to keep out of sight by considering it to the great spot. However, you should have to reconsider this idea of storing items under your bed as some might not deserve to under your bed. So, let’s now check out certain things that should be avoided from placing under your bed.

BULKY CLOTHES: This is one of the most common mistakes you might have been doing all these days. You should definitely avoid storing bulky clothing such as big winter jackets and snow pants as it would take a lot of space and so you could simply keep it in a closet and store it where you place your year-rounding clothes. So, think of it?

IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS OR CERTIFICATES: When it comes to important documents, you just could not store them just like that under your bed even if you find this to be a great spot. You should avoid placing important documents including your birth certificate, tax forms, and passport. This is because you have to go on searching for a longer time as it could not be found easily when you need any of the important documents from it.

THINGS YOU WOULD FORGET: Since the space under your bed is great, it would be great to store items such as birthday gifts or seasonal décor and many other items. But you would regret it later for storing it underneath the bed as there is a chance to forget it. So, you have to avoid the idea of storing items which you forget.

EASILY BREAKABLE ITEMS: As you might love those captivating coffee mug collections or other fancy china items, you would purchase them or it would come as a gift for you. Some of you might not use it and you would have this idea of placing it under the bed. Sadly, this is not the place to keep your breakable items and it would even hurt you when you clean it out when you see it in a fragile state.

ITEMS YOU USE OFTEN: Do avoid things which you use often under your beds like socks, underwear, T-shirts or pajamas, and other items that you use time and again. This would avoid getting messed up with your day by searching for things which you need as it consumes your time thereby making you tensed.

THINGS THAT ARE HEAVY: If you store anything heavy under your bed, then it could be for sure lead to injuries. When it comes to taking out a heavy box or bin, it would definitely make you regret it immediately.  So, it would be better if you think s second before storing it.

FREQUENTLY USING LINENS: Like storing clothes, you might find this space under your bed to be a great spot to place those extra linens including sheets, blankets, and towels. But store it if you do not need their help in any situation or time. Sometimes, you would wake up in the middle of your sleep and search for a bed sheet especially when it is extremely cold. However, it is great if you store them in a sealed container under your bed.