Snake gourd is a vegetable with an elongated shape and seen with stripes all over the body. The most important Indian vegetable that is grown around the year. One of the longest vegetables ever seen with a structure resembling the shape of a snake. Often a stone is hanged at the tip of the vegetable to avoid twisting and make it grow straight. The ripe vegetable gives a bitter taste but packed full of nutrients. It is mostly cooked in raw form to add minerals and vitamins such as carbohydrates, protein, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, riboflavin, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and niacin. Snake gourd has high anti-inflammatory properties that prevent Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, sleep disorders, and arthritis. Snake gourd has numerous other benefits for a healthy system.

Improves Respiratory Health – It helps in building the proper immune system. Snake gourd reduces sinus and phlegm in the respiratory tract. It relieves breathing difficulties and a stuffed nose. The  expectorant property in the vegetable can loosen mucous and phlegm in the respiratory tract

Promotes Healthy Hair –  Snake gourd has a high content of carotenes that is required for healthy skin and hair. With its richness in vitamins and minerals, the vegetable nourishes the hair follicles and strengthens the root of the hair. Regular intake of the vegetable can reduce hair fall and promotes healthy hair growth.

Treats Liver Problems – The vegetable treats hepatitis and jaundice with its hepato-protective properties. The leaves of snake gourd have shown better results in lowering bilirubin in the blood. It is treated as a good home remedy for jaundice.

Reduces Acidity – The acidity problem is treated well by this vegetable. The juice of snake gourd can keep away ulcers and gastritis problems. It relieves you from burning sensations when consumed as a salad or in juice form.

Keeps Skin Healthy – It gives a moisturizing effect similar to cucumber. The pulp of snake gourd can be applied as a skin moisturizer to improve your skin complexion. It tightens the skin and reduces puffiness. The anti-aging property of this vegetable prevents the occurrence of wrinkles and lines.

Removes Toxins – The antioxidant property in the vegetable can function very well in promoting a good digestion process. The seeds of snake gourd resolve the constipation problems. The juice of snake gourd cleanses the bowel and flushes out toxins from your body. The vegetable improves the function of the liver, kidney in removing unwanted substances so easily.

Lowers Diabetes – The vegetable can eliminate diabetic problems with its high content of fiber. Low-calorie food helps in lowering the blood sugar level. It also keeps weight under control. Snake gourd is a perfect vegetable for obese people and for those who suffer from Type II diabetic problems. It keeps your stomach full and reduces the appetizing effect.