After a hot scorching summer followed by heavy rainfall, we end up in cozy weather. Your taste buds would look for a hot cup of tea, spicy soup, and chilly rich food in this season. As the temperature gets low the spread of the virus becomes huge. It is necessary to take extra care of your health to prevent any serious ailments. There is some natural home available food to treat any health hazard in the winter season. Jaggery plays a vital role in this season to protect from infections. Read this article to know more benefits of this jaggery in winter.

Prevents cold and cough  – Cold and cough deals with your respiratory system. Jaggery helps to prevent cold and cough during the winter season. It can clear your respiratory tract and keeps your lungs warm. It keeps away infections and irritation in your throat.

Relieves Bone and joint pain – Bones become weak as you age. You may come across joint pain and bone weakness. The antioxidant property in jaggery keeps your bones strong. The arthritis problem is also well treated by this jaggery.

Prevents asthma – Asthma problem occurs during this winter season. It can go worse in this weather condition. Eat jaggery to get rid of this problem so easily. The anti-allergic properties in jaggery prevent asthma attacks.

Builds your immunity – Immune power should be high during this season to fight against diseases. Jaggery is filled with essential nutrients and antioxidants to cope up with infections. It replaces immune power and improves stamina by eliminating free radicals.

Act as Blood Purifier – Jaggery keeps away impurities from blood with its numerous nutrients and prevents any major health ailments. It can easily eliminate the toxins from your body when consumed every day.

Keeps heart healthy – Jaggery has the ability to bring down the blood pressure. It improves the functioning of the heart. It is packed with sodium and potassium that helps in controlling blood pressure. To have a healthy heart then consume jaggery everyday.

Prevents hiccups – To get instant relief from hiccups, drink the juice of ginger water mixed with jaggery. It can immediately release the discomfort and irritation.

Best for your skin – Your skin becomes dry during this season. It needs special care to prevent heat boils or chapped lips. Add jaggery to your diet to give enough nourishment to your skin. It induces necessary nutrients in your skin and gives a radiant look.

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