Sapodilla / Chikoo fruit (Sapota) comes in a round or oval shape with brown rough skin and sweet brown pulp inside containing 5-6 seeds. The fruits are grown in many countries and easily available. The sweet taste of this fruit is consumed when ripening and as juice, in fruit salads, desserts, etc. It strongly supports the anemic body and purifies the blood. It is widely used in making chewing gum. The fruit contains uncountable health benefits and the consumption of sapodilla is highly recommended in herbal treatment. Let us have a walkthrough of the incredible benefits one by one.

Loaded with Nutrients – The nutrients in Sapodilla resolve various health issues. It is loaded with Vitamin A that supports any skin-related issues and mucus membranes. It ensures good vision and proper eyesight. Vitamin C in this fruit can fight against any free radicals or germs that attack us. It can prevent lung cancer when consumed on a regular basis. It eradicates oral cavities and strengthens the gums.

Aids Digestion – Sapodilla is loaded with fiber content that is good for digestion. It eliminates constipation problems so easily as it exhibits laxative properties. The antimicrobial property promotes intestinal health. The anti-inflammatory property of sapota can treat swelling, gastritis, bowel irritation, and enhances the digestive system. The leaf of this fruit can stop diarrhea.

Treats Constipation Problem – Sapodilla contains high fiber content and helps in the digestion process. People suffering from constipation problems can consume sapodilla juice mixed with salt can be an immediate remedy.

High in Fiber – The fiber extract of Sapodilla prevents cancer. It protects the mucous membranes present in the colon by fighting against the toxins. It possesses an excellent laxative property. This fiber content can help in reducing weight and helps in performing a faster digestive process.

Source of Folic Acid – Folic acid is one nutrient suggested by doctors of any pregnant woman for proper fetal development. It improves red blood cells as it contains iron with folic acid. Homocysteine, an amino acid that occurs in the body which is harmful to health. Sapodilla can prevent this harmful acid formation.

Anti-inflammatory Property – Sapodilla fruit has strong anti-inflammatory properties. This can cure any type of swelling and reduces pain. It deals with any bacterial infections so easily. Regular consumption of the fruit can lessen inflammation.

Rich in minerals – Chikoo or Sapodilla has an abundance of vitamins and minerals such as copper, iron, and potassium. This is required for normal metabolic function, keeps you energetic, strengthens the bones, and remains active. Sapodilla is an excellent source of vitamins like niacin acid and folate for a healthy body.

Cures cold and cough – Sapota fruit helps to treat congestion, nose blocks, and chronic coughs. It can easily remove the phlegm and mucus from the nasal passage and frees the respiratory tract from blockage.

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