Water is essential to keep your body hydrated as well as to distribute necessary nutrients to all your organs. Most people do not follow consuming 3 litres of water every day to stay healthy. Your body is filled with 65% of water content and it is essential to maintain the water level in your body. Your tissues get dehydrated if you lack water. Water is essential to fight against pathogens and keep you safe from diseases. It also aids proper digestion and prevents constipation problems. In this article, we present you on knowing some unusual signs of avoiding enough consumption of water.

Headache – Water is essential to initiate proper blood circulation. It helps to feed enough blood to your brain. If you miss drinking water your body feels dizzy and your head starts to ache. You can live without food but not without water.

Loss of Concentration – Your body experiences a lack of concentration due to insufficient water level. Water helps to carry oxygen to your brain and keeps active. When you feel tired or restless then the body is in a dehydrated state. Sufficient water intake can determine an efficient oxygen supply to all organs.

Dark-Yellow Urine – The color of urine can ascertain water level in your body. If it is dark yellow then the reason could be lack of water consumption. Drinking enough water can induce the healthy flow of urine by flushing out toxins at regular intervals.

Frequent Hunger Pangs  – If your body lacks water then you get frequent hunger pangs. When your stomach growls, it demands some food intake and also indicates your body is deprived of sufficient water. It also helps in lowering the sugar level in your blood thereby your craving for desserts and sweets is well respected.

Bad Breath – If you ignore drinking water it can lead to bad breath. Bad breath can occur due to tooth decay, gum disease, germs, tooth removal, etc. Also, insufficient water can dry your mouth and cause bad breath. Consuming water frequently can wash out the germs and keeps your mouth out of bad breath.

Dry Skin – Dry skin can lead to premature aging, loss of skin radiance, chapped lips, and flaky skin. Your skin looks dull without nutrition and sometimes your lips start to bleed. Drinking sufficient water for your body can prevent the drying of your skin and keep you active.

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