After a scorching sun’s heat, we experience cool and pleasant weather. Foggy and snowy winter is a treat to your eyes and gives a refreshing feel as if staying in a hilly region. On the other hand, we are exposed to more health problems especially elders and children. The spread of flu and other winter health ailments are remarkably high during this season. To stay healthy and away from the flu here are some tips listed in this article

Alert elders from falling – Elders can wear woolen clothes during this season to feel warm. They use stockings and slippers to walk on the floor to protect the feet from cold. Being cautious while walking can prevent slipping or wearing a slipper with a strong grip can be a safer remedy.

Choose proper winter clothing – Make sure the kids wear complete safe and warm clothes that can act against cold breeze. This can make them bear the cold and actively focus on their work. There is an option for the elder to get rid of the cold is by wearing a thermal coat that keeps them warm.

Adjust temperature based on weather condition – Winter season is vulnerable to children and elderly people as their immune system is not so powerful to fight against harmful toxins. People with health issues find it colder so it is better to have a watch on temperature and keep away from the cold breeze. Keep rooms warm and windows shut, avoid cold food items to prevent cold health ailments.

Have a balanced diet – Seasonal fruits and vegetables ensure good health. It improves immune power to fight against any germs. Elders and kids should not compromise on fruits and vegetables. Cereals, Nuts, vegetables are the best to show a balanced diet in this season.

Drink enough water – We often would not feel thirsty due to the weather condition. Hardly see a sweat on your body but your body needs to be hydrated,.Enough fluids are required to build your immune system and to keep away constipation problems. Any hot beverage along with water can favor strengthening your metabolic system.

Do not avoid Washing hands – Kids find it difficult to touch the freezy cold water thereby neglect washing hands before meals. This makes it easier for the germs to enter your body causing pneumonia, cold, fever, etc. The infections and dirt can enter your body through your hands, better use warm water for washing to stay healthy.

Apply cold cream – Your skin gets dry often in this season and may lead to inflammations. There cold creams with nice brands available in the market that guards your skin against flaking, infections, itching, and psoriasis problems. Based on your skin type choose suitable cold creams to prevent dryness.

Minimize your exposure to cold – Staying indoors is better to prevent any health issues. Some unavoidable circumstances can expose you to cold weather that can be taken care of precautions. If there is a dip in temperature, staying home is better to be safe.