The taste of the food is determined by salt. The most widely used food seasoning available in any market. Iodine present in the salt is essential for proper metabolic function, bone, and brain development. Without salt, the food becomes bland and reduces your craving. There is no home without salt and it is added to every cooking.

Gives shiny copper vessels – Make copper items shine again with the help of salt. Take a handful of salt and add lemon juice or vinegar, rub the discolored surface.

Salt makes candles drip-free – Soak the candle in the saltwater solution for a longer period of time. Dry the candle before lighting it you won’t see droplets around the candle when lighted.

Reduce mosquito bites – Noone can escape from mosquito bites. The lumps on the skin caused by mosquito bites can be handled by salt. The salt with water can be rubbed in the affected area to relieve itchiness and redness in the skin.

Sprinkle some salt to Prevent oil splash – While cooking fish fry or meat the oil splatters from the vessel. This makes the place spilled with oil and also drops on your hand can cause heat burn during the cooking process. Add a pinch of salt in the oil pan while frying can avoid oil splatter.

Prevent ants – Ants are seen marching in your home more during the monsoon season. It occupies your eateries and spoils your mood of the day. Sprinkle salt water in areas where ants are seen and the ants will never turn back.

Prevents the change of sliced fruit and vegetable color – Vegetables or fruits should be consumed once cut. Leaving them with slices can attract germs or exposure to air can change their color. To prevent them from turning brown color, put the pieces or slices in saltwater.

Get rid of onion smell from hands – A strong pungent smell of onion and garlic remains in your hands after cutting and cooking. To get rid of that smell, rub your hands with salt all over and wash without stains.

Removes Bad odor – You cannot get away from the bad odor that emerges from your shoes. There is an excellent and easiest way to eliminate bad odors from smelly shoes. Drop a bag filled with salt in your smelly shoes and leave for a couple of hours. It takes out the smell easily and gives a better feel.