The importance of lemon water is felt during the hot days of summer. The fruit excels with its tangy taste and refreshing odor. It is widely available across the world and grown throughout the year. The juice increases your immunity, cleanses the system, prevents chronic diseases. It also extends its hand in giving a glow to your skin and enhances healthy hair growth by stimulating the cells. Let us know other secrets of this “nature-given boon” to your overall health.

Improves Digestion – Proper digestion happens when your organs receive the correct nutrients. The food which we eat plays a crucial role in the digestion process. We should consume food that makes the digestion process easier. Lemon is one such fruit that keeps away digestive problems. The juice can be consumed every morning in an empty stomach. This can eliminate waste from your body and prevents bloating, constipation, heartburn, etc.

Builds Immune System – Strong immune system determines how effectively our body can fight against harmful pathogens. The fruit is rich in the anti-viral and anti-bacterial property. By drinking lemon juice regularly can keep away infections caused due to bacteria or viruses.

Improves Mood – Vitamin C rich lemon is used as an air freshener as it contains a refreshing odor. It builds your mood and keeps away stress. It is a natural stress buster that brings down anxiety and depression.

Reduces Weight – Simple way to reduce weight is by drinking a gulp of lemon mixed with honey. Drinking this every morning can give you a fresh feel, burns fat, eliminates unwanted fats from your body, and also keeps control of the intake of food.

Increases urination – The citric acid present in the fruit prevent the formation of kidney stones. The juicy fruit aids in proper urination. It flushes out the bacteria easily in the urinary tract that leads to urinary tract infection. Drink twice or thrice a day to improve urination.

Promotes healthy heart – Lemon juice has been extremely good for your heart. The richness of Vitamin C can lower your cholesterol level and prevents strokes. It removes toxins from your body and purifies your blood.

Enlightens your skin – The citric acid in the fruit enlightens your skin and improves your complexion. The antioxidant property of the lemon juice keeps away free radicals from entering the skin. Mainly recommended during the summer season to prevent sunburns and skin tan. It blemishes your skin and wards off wrinkles. It can highly bring down premature aging problems.

Revives Silky Hair – It keeps away infections in the scalp and improves the hair texture. The nutrients in the fruit can prevent dandruff, hair fall, and split ends. Also minimizes the greying of hair

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