Peacock is known for its beauty and dance. From ancient times it’s been a practice of hiding peacock feathers in books in your childhood times and placing some rice to keep them fresh. Peacock feather is associated with many Hindu deities especially lord Krishna would be seen having a feather in his crown. The specialty of the peacock feathers is known to hold peace and ward off negative energy. Also, it brings wealth and prosperity to your home. The feather is effective in chasing out lizards and mosquitoes. Read this article to know other benefits of this peacock feather.

Maintains Home Hygiene – Peacock’s feather can help in maintaining house hygiene. It can prevent insects from entering your home and house lizards hate peacock feathers. To escape from lizards roaming in your home then have peacock feathers at every corner of your home.

Gives Elegant look – Peacock is praised for its beauty and elegance that transfer the same feel to your home. The dancing posture of a peacock in your living room can bring richness, sophistication, and beauty.

Removes Negative Vibes – Peacock feathers can be set in your workplace or home to ward of negative vibes and bring a peaceful atmosphere. Any portrait of peacock or peacock idol can remove Vastu dosh from any living space and releases mental stress or disturbance.

Boost positive energy – The feather of a peacock can be kept in the south-east direction of your house or building as it is believed to bring wealth and happiness. Also, the paint of peacock on your wall can strengthen your family and retains peace.

Having feather in idol – Ganesh idol is said to bring positive vibes and having at house entrance can prevent negative effects from entering your home. Placing a peacock feather on the idol brings additional benefits and said to remove Vastu Dosh.

Good Vastu Feather – It is believed that peacock feather removes any hurdles and work interruption. For those who follow Vastu can wear a peacock feather tied in a fetish, and wear it on his right arm. Someone who suffers  Rahu Dosha in their horoscope can use peacock to bring happiness and keep away bad spirits.

Builds household wealth – Keeping peacock feathers or wearing a feather crown can bring prosperity. It identifies the problem or disturbance in the house and retains positive vibes. Having feather in your locker can shower wealth and gives more stability.

Heals Wounds – Feather can effectively treat wounds and removes poison from your body. The feather can be tied to the affected wounds or injuries and also the powder from the peacock feathers added to honey can be consumed to detach poison.