Yam is highly nutritious, versatile, and loaded with abundant health benefits. It is one of our staple foods and a root vegetable like potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. It grows in many tropical countries. Its light sweet taste makes the dish more delicious to eat and gives instant energy. Yams can be had in the form of fried, boiled, mashed, or roasted to show more varieties in dishes. Yam can be sliced to make yummy chips, or cut into cubes for Curry. Many may wonder knowing its numerous health benefits. The starchy Yam vegetable is highly nutritious, can improve cholesterol levels, is packed with cancer-fighting properties, improve blood sugar levels, etc. Adding here more of its unknown facts on health benefits.


Loaded with Nutrition – The nutrition in yam is the key to maintain overall metabolism, heart health, and develop bone density. Vitamin C can strengthen your immune system against toxins. A cup of yam can provide Thiamine, folate, fiber, and protein. Our body requires iron and yam can fulfill to improve blood health. It contains copper which helps in RBC production.

Aids Weight Loss – A cup of yam can keep your stomach full. A special gel in the root vegetable stays in the stomach for a long and resulting in loss of appetite. This way weight loss is achieved.

Controls Cholesterol Levels – Yams can effectively keep cholesterol levels in check. It is packed with soluble fiber that helps in expelling bad cholesterol from our bodies. It can easily bind the cholesterol, shows a real change in lowering the cholesterol levels.

Prevents Cancer – Yams have antioxidants that may prevent cancer. It works very well on a massive reduction in liver tumors and colon cancer. It is loaded with lots of vitamins and minerals which can potentially fight against cancer.

Improves Brain Function – Yam when consumed on a daily basis can show tremendous improvements in brain function. Diosgenin is a special compound found in yam that can improve overall brain health, keeps the nerves active, and helps in neuron growth. Studies have proved that consumption of yam has improved learning and memory skills.

Relieves Menopause Symptoms – Yam alleviates problems that occur postmenopausal period. Yam can have a positive impact on menopause symptoms. The estrogen hormones decrease significantly during menopause. Yam can improve estrogen levels and eases menopause symptoms.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels – Yam helps in regulating blood sugar levels. Yams can improve your blood sugar control. The high level of resistant starches and fibers in yams can significantly reduce blood sugar absorption. The digestion of starch and fiber in the stomach takes a long and thus curbs your cravings. The sweetness in yam can further reduce your appetite that results in weight loss.

Aids Fertility – Yams can aid fertility more effectively. Wild yam creams are available in the market and are used for hormone replacement therapy. The hormone “natural” progesterone helps a uterus prepare for a fertilized egg. Studies have proved that yam can promote fertility.

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