Tamarind/Imli is a fruit that contains a bittersweet brown pulp. It comes with a nice tangy taste used to make sauces, rasam, desserts, sambar, and even drinks. It adds flavor to many dishes. Tartaric acid in tamarind gives the tangy taste. The fruit is loaded with a lot of vitamins and minerals. Tamarind has very unusual properties that help your overall health, skin, and hair. Let’s walk through the benefits of tamarind and how effectively we can use to improve our overall health.

Keeps heart healthy – Tamarind is good for your heart it reduces blood cholesterol and blood pressure. It contains dietary fibers that attach to the bile salts caused by cholesterol and that keeps the heart healthy by excreting bad cholesterol. The potassium content in tamarind helps lower blood pressure. Include tamarind in your meal to reduce harmful LDL cholesterol.

Smoothes Stomach – It works effectively to treat digestive problems. The nausea effect of tamarind keeps digestive organs, colon, and liver healthy. The fiber content present in tamarind helps to pass the stool smoothly through the stomach and intestine. It can increase appetite and reduce boasting

Reduces Inflammation – The roasted tamarind seed powder with water can improve the lubrication of the joints and ease joint pain. It blocks the formation of enzymes responsible for breaking down of bones and cartilage. The leaves, pulp, and flower work effectively in joint pains and inflammation.

Fights Cancer – The fruit prevents cancer by protecting the mucus membrane of the colon from chemicals. It is filled with fiber that adheres to the virus. Also rich in antioxidants that keep you away from toxins.

Stops infections -The antimicrobial properties of tamarind work well to heal the wounds and prevent diseases. It contains citric acid, tannins, and terpenoids that helps the process of reducing the inflammation.

Prevents Malaria – Take tamarind twice a day can keep the malarial fever under control. It has both antiviral and antipyretic properties. For those who suffer from malaria tamarind can be the best remedy.

Works on Weight Loss – The hydroxycitric acid (HCA) in tamarind helps to stop an enzyme which aids the storage of fat.If you think about weight loss take tamarind in your daily routine for a successful reduction. The production of serotonin suppresses your appetite.

Cleansing Agent – It completely flushes out the unreasonable bacteria and viruses from our body. Tamarind works amazingly well in clearing toxic deposits in the kidney. It also relieves stomach worms. By gargling it relieves a sore throat.