Saffron is the most versatile and expensive red spice. The spice comes from the dried stigma of the Crocus sativus flower. The growth of the flower is more seen in the month of  October-February and extraction of stigma from the flower becomes a fastidious process. The red spice is more healthy and adds great flavor to any dish. The exotic look and striking scent of this spice also affords excellent health benefits. Saffron plays a unique role in the world of beauty, it is found in many beauty products to add extra shiness to skin. Drinking saffron water has proven its exuberant benefits in the field of beauty. Here is some guide to go through various facets of saffron.

Aids Respiratory Health – The spice is loaded with anti-inflammatory that brings down muscular spasm and infection in the lungs. It makes breathing easier when you suffer from asthma and also relaxes the muscles in the lungs.

Improves Mental Health – Saffron with its essential nutrients contributes its portion in improving mental health. The spice is used in anti-depressant medicines that act as a natural healer for depression. It is safe to use saffron as a supplement for mental disability problems.

Liver Health – It prevents the infection causing in the liver and improves the protection of the liver structure. It can treat liver tumors and it guards your liver with its essential minerals.

Promotes Digestive Health – The spice is packed with carminative properties that helps to expel gas out of the stomach. With the growing varieties in food items, we come across various stomach issues that disturb your normal digestion process. Saffron can easily relieve stomach discomfort and gas.

Good Sleep – A glass of saffron milk can promote peaceful sleep in the night. It can induce more nutrients as well as deep sleep. Regular consumption of saffron milk or water can develop non-rapid eye movement sleep.

Prevents Menstrual Cramps – Consuming saffron water every day can help in getting rid of Menstrual Cramps. It brings down the symptoms of cramps during periods.

Role in Sex Health – Saffron can help in sexual health, it can correct erectile dysfunction in male. It can prevent damage to the male reproductive system caused due to nicotine use. Crocin an essential ingredient in saffron can act upon normal sexual function.

Heart Friendly – It keeps arteries and blood vessels healthy by treating the inflammation. The anti-inflammatory property of saffron can improve blood circulation. The riboflavin vitamin present in saffron is essential to maintain a healthy heart.

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