Dry fruits are the healthiest snack loved by most people. It makes any dessert rich in its taste. They are the powerhouse of nutrients and stops hunger pangs. Eating dry fruits in the winter season provides necessary warmth, vitamins, and minerals. They are considered “superfoods” as they supply a good amount of fat and needed nutrition. To keep you busy munching something and in a healthy way then dry fruits would be the right choice. It is used in many beauty products to nourish your skin. Read this article about the benefits of dry fruits during the winter season

Figs – Figs are the best healthy snack for the winter season. It purifies your blood and carotenoids present in walnut reduces age-related macular degeneration. The nut contains nutrients such as iron, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, calcium, and chlorine. It is best for diabetic patients to keep their blood sugar levels in control. It can prevent constipation, indigestion, asthma,  cough, and bronchitis during the winter season.

Dates – They are packed with minerals, vitamins, proteins, combined with natural sugar. They prevent anemic problems, constipation, and weakness. It can be added to sweets, cakes, and any desserts.

Apricots – Apricots are the source of vitamin E, copper, and potassium that helps to develop immune power. The antioxidant property prevents cell damage due to free radicals.

Raisins – Raisins are packed with enormous nutrition used in many dishes. It can be munched as a snack that keeps you satiated for a long time. Dry grapes prevent premature aging that occurs due to sun exposure. The raisin is loaded with powerful antioxidizing agents that protect your skin from damage. It also alleviates wrinkles, dark spots, and acne problems.

Almonds – Almond is often called the “King of nuts” with its tremendous nutritional benefits. Almonds increase Vitamin E in your red blood cells thus reducing risks of cholesterol. The nut is packed with magnesium that helps in amplifying insulin resistance to a greater extent. Almonds It is safe and healthy for diabetic victims. It improves hemoglobin levels and prevents from cancer disease.

Walnut – The richness in an omega-3 fatty acid is good for heart, hair growth and to lower your cholesterol level. Walnut contributes more to your brain function. The nut can strengthen your scalp and makes your hair look smooth. It induces sleep in the night and keeps you warm in winter. Walnut has the ability to develop sperm health in the male reproductive system.

Cashew – Cashewnut is good for your health and skin during the winter season. They contain amazing nutrients to control blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight. The presence of Vitamin E in the nut prevents premature aging. The cashew oil can be applied on heels to get rid of cracks.

Pistachios – Pistachios are loaded with lutein and zeaxanthin to improve your eye vision. The pistachio has tocopherols and polyphenols to rejuvenate your cells and builds your overall immunity. The amount of Vitamin E present in the nut helps to guard your skin from Ultra Violet rays also treats premature aging and skin cancer.

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